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  1. Hey @KillingRe, I have tried to input that script above that you mentioned, but it didn't work for me, server felt in a loop and was not able to boot up...
  2. WoW Thanks a lot!! I'll try that out!! Ill let you know the outcome. AS always, thanks a lot for your time and help!
  3. It also says useRestartMessage, where can we modify that?
  4. Acutaly, the autorestart his setup...i am just looking to display some kind of messages before it restarts so the players are warned LOL.
  5. Hey @KillingRe, I have tried to setup the BEC thing, but it seems to not work on a non dedi server....It is also not installed by default on my server...I am trying to find some other sources but i am out of luck. Would you perhaps know another way? Thanks again!
  6. Hey @KillingRe, i have manage to work with the autorestarts and also the A3_Occupation. That fixed my day and night cycle and it is very nice now. As for the BEC mod, they mention that it works on Dedicated only. So i am trying to see if i am gonna try it anyways or see if i can't find anything else. For admin tools...well haven't found anything yet other then infiSTAR. Thanks a lot for your help on this!!
  7. @KillingRe WOW! Awsome information!! This stuff is great, @second_coming did a great work on that script!!! Trying to figure out how to install it on the server but can't wait to use both links you gave me. This will greatly help me out! @KillingRe Would you perhaps know how to display messages on the server? Is there a good mod for this, or is it better to try and script it in the config.cpp itself? Thanks for all the help, really appreciate it!!
  8. BiNoX

    Realtime Restarts

    Hi, Could you help me by pinpointing were i can find the ExileServer_system_rcon_thread_check.sqf file at? I have looked in Altis.Exile.pbo and also in Exiler_server_config.pbo and both do not contain that file. Thanks alot for this tutorial!! Can't wait to set it up!
  9. @KillingRe Thanks a lot for the info! I already have DMS installed along with Zombies & Demons (Rynzombies) and those are working fine. Is A3 occupancy part of DMS or is it something i need to add? For the restart, if i understand correctly i just set it up to restart every 4 hours for exemple and the settings i modify in the config.cpp will be applied before and after the reboot. Again, sorry for the missunderstanding with the name. I was actually reading about the tool and someone called it like that.....stuck in my head . Feel really bad about that.. Thanks for the help!
  10. Sorry about that....i have modified it....this wasen't intentional...
  11. Hi Everyone, I have just recently started my own Exile server and it is running pretty smooth. I have a couple people already joining my server and I can see that there are some features i would like to modify/add. I have tried in different ways but it never seems to work and I am in need of some help . Night/Day Cycle Issue: I wish to change the length of the day/night cycles. I have read that to had ''SetTimeMultiplier'' and add a number would do it but for some reason it does not for me... If someone could maybe show me how to script it instead i would be great full. Automatic Restart: In the exile mod there is a feature that when activated you can automatically restart your server and set it to lock by itself before with certain amount of time and after the reboot until the server is ready to accept players. I love this feature and would like to implement it on the server. I have set it up and the problem i am getting is that the server locks but never reboots? Admin Tools: I am looking for some admin tools, i came across infiSTAR and it looks like a perfect tool, but i currently do not have the necessarily funds for it . What would you guys suggest would work best as an alternative? Sorry for all these questions, I will probably have more, but for now these are the ones that will help me the most. I have researched and tried a lot of different things before posting here for some help. Thanks for your help! BiNoX