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  1. Would you prefer we run rings around the rosie in order to gain helpful information?
  2. Have you attempted the typo fix in the first post? Typo in ExileServer_object_construction_network_*. _constructionBlockDuration = getNumber (missiongConfigFile >> "CfgTerritories" >> "constructionBlockDuration"); Should be: _constructionBlockDuration = getNumber (missionConfigFile >> "CfgTerritories" >> "constructionBlockDuration");
  3. It's working again, thanks Eichi!
  4. You enjoy bashing peoples effort by any chance? He's taken the time to improve it and build upon the existing script.
  5. Slots are based on max amount of player slots available. You must've accidentally removed 98% of them or broke the mission.sqm
  6. It's usually not needed, if you find players connecting with over 500 ping then I'd enable it and limit it to 400.
  7. Aww yiss
  8. Feel free to jump into the Exile Discord, we're all kind enough to lend a hand and answer questions.
  9. I believe this is it. http://killzonekid.com/farewell-my-arma-friends/
  10. I agree with above. If you're not interested in spending a bit of time learning the basics with a premade mission file there's a few tutorials littered around.
  11. http://discord.infistar.de
  12. Exile Saviors|MajorMittens.co.uk

    A cool Exile server with Exile Reborn located over in the United Kingdom! - We've got custom missions Custom loot tables. Roaming AI. A unique Terminal. - Laws of War DLC vehicles. RHS Vehicles and weapons. CUP Vehicles and weapons. CDAH Mod pack. Extended Base Mod. - Zoooommbies! A month for each territory payment. (We allow you to go on vacation) . The server has been going strong for about 12 months now. Everyone's generally polite enough to let one and another do their thing but occasionally shoot them. It's PvP afterall.
  13. Lol you're funny. You said it's possible. I quoted you, making the suggestion to get permission from mod authors. Directed at you with other viewers in mind. Second post from you. I quoted again, bringing up alternate ways and asking why not use them. Directed at you. ................................................... You need to remember this is a forum, online. You do not need to be formal and present yourself with three-hundred words, it's a good time killer I agree but unnecessary, it often discourages people from reading without a TL:DR. Capitals and bold do an excellent job at outlining stuff you want to get across but some people find it as if you're holding their hand and spoon feeding them, not everyone's failed English.
  14. It was determined on the first page, it was possible.
  15. I gotta point out I love the time and effort you put into your posts but I get discouraged from reading them when you decide CAPITALS and BOLD are in every other sentence. You're right, I didn't see what was happening on each side. I generally browse the #ip-rights-violation channel and I often see people pasting SW links with a reuploaded comment, often asking for them to remove it, refusal, DMCA annnnd poof. It's definitely worth a browse and a big bag of popcorn. I don't see where I was judging him, I was directing the questions to you more (Considering I quoted you..) Thankfully one of the comments outlines what'd very likely happen.