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  1. CPT.EliteWarfare

    [Request] Player kick if Not on TeamSpeak

    So i have a simple request , Basically i want make it where if the Player doesn't have Task_Force_Radio Plugin installed and is not in the Correct TeamSpeak Channel/Server , Pop-up a Screen saying "Please join the correct TS/Channel/Enable The Plugin" Then kick player after 10 seconds or so. If anyone can do this it be great! <3
  2. CPT.EliteWarfare

    [Solved] Task Force Radio semi works.

    I got give ACRE2 a try then
  3. CPT.EliteWarfare

    [Solved] Task Force Radio semi works.

    i have task force radio working on my server but only issue you will have will be Players cant make Parties
  4. CPT.EliteWarfare

    ExileZombies.com Looking for Dev's

    Hello everyone! ExileZombies.com is looking for more Dev's for our servers! We currently only have one dev and thats StokesMagee, if you would like to apply to become a dev please come to our Ts3 and talk to me (CPT.EliteWarfare) or StokesMagee Age Limit: 16+ TS3 IP:
  5. CPT.EliteWarfare

    Task Force Radio

    Anyone got Task Force Radio working? Been going at it for couple of hours trying to see if i can get it to work.
  6. CPT.EliteWarfare

    ExileZombies Server Looking for Staff/Devs

    We got a other server so we now looking for 2 more staff for our Altis Server!
  7. CPT.EliteWarfare

    Any good?

    im having trouble setting up the server though when players try connect to the server it says Connection Failed some can get in but most cant
  8. CPT.EliteWarfare

    Connection Failed

    Ok so i bought a OVH Dedicated Game Server, many of my players have issues connecting to the server they can see the server but once they try connect it says connection failed and in the RPT of the server it doesnt even show they tried to connect
  9. CPT.EliteWarfare

    Any good?

    ok im ordering from there
  10. CPT.EliteWarfare

    Any good?

    DAMIT! you got any great dedicated window server providers?
  11. CPT.EliteWarfare

    Any good?

    Yea nvm that one i found a other one i just posted before you comment on that
  12. CPT.EliteWarfare

    Any good?

    ok NVM i just found this other one it may be better idk yet i want a answer from you all. Spec's: Dual Intel Xeon X5670 2.93 GHZ Hex Core (12 cores) 48 GB Ram Frist Drive: 240 GB SSD Second Drive: 2 TB SATA Third Drive: 2 TB SATA HardWare Raid Card: SATA Raid Raid Level: Raid level 1 OS: Windows 2012 64 - bit $84.95
  13. CPT.EliteWarfare

    Any good?

    ok i found a Xeon 5420 or i think its a Xeon E5420 anyways its that and 2.5GHz - 2 Processors, 8 cores / 8 threads , 8Gb's Ram and 1TB SATA
  14. CPT.EliteWarfare

    Any good?

    Is this great for a heavily modded Exile servers atleast 2 running on it? Dual Intel Xeon 5080, 1TB HDD 4 Cores / 8 Threads 16Gb Ram, Windows 2012 Standard Bandwidth: 20TB on 1GBit Port $83.90 a Month Just wondering cuz i need upgrade my box since my server is starting to get players
  15. CPT.EliteWarfare

    116th Guardian Regiment is Recruiting

    Our community is slowly growing we still looking for lots of other members!