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  1. Smoky


    The Error comes by me after i have installed this mod: E.S.P Exile Stats Page Now look at this page to fix your Problem: Klick me Best regard
  2. Smoky


    How can i fix the Problem? Turn Off SQL Strict Mode does not work! Solved...
  3. Smoky

    Support / Hilfe bei SLB2k11 Releases

    Hallo unter Punkt 4 in dem Install Tut steht folgendes: Overwrite ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezon.sqf in the Config.cpp in the Missionfile Entweder sehe ich den Wald vor lauter Bäume nicht mehr oder... In meiner Mission ist zwar die config.cpp, aber dort drin befinden sich doch keine .sqf Dateien, also was muss ich denn nu mit dem Inhalt der ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezon.sqf machen?
  4. Smoky

    E.S.P Exile Stats Page & System 6.0[Updated]]

    Thats nice, how can i embed this script on my page?
  5. Smoky

    ACiDy Configurable Spawn & Trade zones [w8ing 4 patch]

    Great script it works fantastic
  6. Smoky


    Hey thanks for the quick answer but I do not mean this. Now its: 1 Minute InGame = 1 Minute Realtime I want: 24 hours InGame = 6 hours Realtime My Server starts new every 6 hours and i want thats in 6 hours Realtime a complete 24 hours cycle InGame with Day and Night. For example: 4 hours Day and 2 hours Night or 5 hours Day and 1 hour Night (Like the Mod DayZ Origins) You now? Is it possible?
  7. Smoky


    Hello, i want to change my serversettings to have in 6 hours (realtime) an 24 hours InGame Day. Anyone can help me?