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  1. RastaLulz ツ

    Arma-X ExileMod

    Greetings guys, Arma-X ExileMod is currently in development but at the same time, accepting members to play! Arma-X Hiring highly-driven Administrators & Moderators Private Testers Dedicated Server - 64GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM, 480GB SSD, Intel i7-6700K CPU, with 2 DDoS Protected IP Addresses (European Server). We will be extending to USA too. Discord Only - https://discord.gg/ZqxQKjE Traders = Safezone Roaming AI / Trader AI Missions, Convoys & terrorities. Custom Scripts (Soon to come) Many more custom scripts to be implemented. InfiSTAR + XM8 Custom Apps This doesn't mean the development ends here, we have PLENTY of work where the development will NEVER end. Currently will be using ExileMod + Third Party scripts & mods but we will be developing custom scripts after the main core of the server is out to the public. We will accept any suggestions and feedback, whether it's good or bad. Currently, myself (RastaLulz) will be the singular owner of this server - hiring Administrators & Moderators to help out within game and within discord. Website: https://arma-x.com See you in the battlefield!
  2. Yeah, I know how the missions work, but the thing is, I followed your tutorial 100%, literally nothing showed up. Not even the default. The default normally starts as soon as the server is up within 2-3 minutes, its set on 0 players on the server it will start and minimum server FPS 5. So it loads up 100%, as soon as I implement your scripts, it stops everything from working. I checked your SQF's and I couldn't find anything at all that could be messing with DMS.
  3. Hm okay, well I followed your tutorial correctly and the missions do not start up now. Nothing in extdb logs or RPT that the missions do not come up. Something is wrong and I have no idea why they do not start up.
  4. RastaLulz ツ

    HeroesOfGaming ExileMod Modded

    New update has taken place. (3.8) or the [NEW] will be updated this weekend for sure.
  5. One question: You have a file called "mission_configuration.txt". Where does this or the script inside it, go?
  6. RastaLulz ツ

    HeroesOfGaming ExileMod Modded

    Our Server Specs: Intel Xeon E5-1620 16GB RAM 4 Cores 3.60 GHz Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit. 500+ Upload + Download Network Speed. (To download things) Dedicated Server (No Lag - High FPS) We will be looking to improve our servers if they cause problems such as low FPS or need upgrading in general. Our Features: DMS Missions Custom Vehicles Private Messaging Heli Crashes Shipwrecks Advanced Towing Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Sling Towing / Helicopter Towing Vehicles Zombies and events A few InfiSTAR stuff Custom XM8 Apps from InfiSTAR Capture Points 10 Million Lockers Bounty Hunter [NEW] ExAd Vehicle Garage [NEW] ExAd Core [NEW] ExAd StatusBar [NEW] ExAd XM8 [NEW] ExAd Quad / Bike Deploy [NEW] Jets + Jets Mod [NEW] MarXet [NEW] Revive System [NEW] Server Restarts (4 Hours UTC +1) Anyway. Greetings ExileMod players, HeroesOfGaming opened first as an Altis Life RPG mod until we decided to move to Exile because our Altis Life community was just dropping from 25-30 a day to 5-10 a day. So we decided to move to ExileMod. We are doing fairly good here with two great developers who can do the best of their ability to provide good server for the players. We will give you a balanced gameplay experience with nothing so overpowered. We have a good administration / moderation team and we will always be hiring / removing more as we grow. We are looking for dedicated players who are willing to help the community for your group rank. We give limited chances. We don't do any donation packages just of yet as it is against the rules of Bohemia Interactive so we will figure something out, but you are more than welcome to donate to us to keep our services up. We will be bringing packages in that support the rules of Bohemia. Admins and Moderators of HeroesOfGaming love our server and will do anything to keep it clean and enjoyable. We have two professional owners with myself being the main founder of HeroesOfGaming, but share the same powers. The two are myself and Ephy. Our Discord is available for anyone to join https://discord.gg/TunpEFg, but it is currently not done. (WIP) We will have daily and weekly events when we reach a certain amount of people. These events can be such as the administrators / moderators of the server drive a fully armed convoy and in groups or in solo, you will need to get through the us and the other players and access a good and great powerful gear that you can sell or use. **Again we do not give out MAJOR OVERPOWERED things.** (There are much more events in mind) Our goals and our objectives and our development are greatly simple, we keep everything simple and we do everything in our development. We will never stop developing / fixing at all. This is our job, to improve HeroesOfGaming every step of the way. We provide great experience and great joy within our server, this means you will never have problems with annoying power-abusing staff members or rude / disobeying members. We always change our prices to fit the server fairly. We will be adding more things to our server such as: Base Spawn Feature Create weapons / vehicles in your own house (need tons of materials) On Website Customised / Live stats Refreshing Every 2 Minutes (PHP / HTML) Enhanced Movements ACE Mod More mods And many more other things!! We always hope to improve, we also have a suggestions forum to those who want to suggest on things we can improve / add or fix in the server. Website: http://heroesofgaming.co.uk (soon will be https:// SSL Certificate) Discord: https://discord.gg/TunpEFg Server: The mods we use: Advanced_Rappelling Advanced_Sling_Loading Advanced_Towing Advanced_Urban_Rappelling Exile itself Extended_Base_Mod Nato_Rus_Vehicle Nato_Rus Weapons Ryanzombies RZInfection_for_Exile F-2 Viper ZERO F-14 Tomcat F-15 Eagle F-16 Fighting Falcon Sabs Su-34 Fullback The mods are here: http://heroesofgaming.co.uk/index.php?/topic/2-heroesofgaming-update-v33/ Thank you for taking your time to read this. We will be looking out for feedback. Hopefully you like the server: Screenshots: Will be added soon!! Owners: El-Twiddy (Myself) / Ephy Senior Adminstration: Dalesoul Administration: Vacant/Hiring Trial Moderation to Administration (1 week): Koba Regards, HeroesOfGaming Management Team
  7. RastaLulz ツ

    Automatic Restarts with Windows Server 2012 R2?

    I was running start bat, it worked perfectly and no, not changed at all. Was just turning it off to edit something that was a few words in exile.altis.pbo, but now it doesn't load up anymore. EDIT: I even turned off the server and turned it back on. Not working.
  8. RastaLulz ツ

    Automatic Restarts with Windows Server 2012 R2?

    I tried this. I started the server once, closed it because it worked, now it won't launch again.
  9. RastaLulz ツ

    Automatic Restarts with Windows Server 2012 R2?

    I tried BEC.. its never working for me. I even followed ibattle.org, can you explain what I can do instead of using TADST. BEC is giving me issues where it can't resolve the connection so it retries 3 or 4 times then closes down.
  10. RastaLulz ツ

    Automatic Restarts with Windows Server 2012 R2?

    Does it work with TADST + Windows Server 2012 R2?
  11. Hi guys, I keep posting threads with BEC and fixes, but I am new to BEC. I don't know how to set it up. Does anyone recommend a way I can use automatic restarts with arma3server.exe so that every 4 hours, the server auto restarts for new missions / crates / loot / wipes etc to pop up? I tried: BEC DaemonFire Pro or FireDaemon Pro (I forgot the name) Windows Task Scheduler itself.. None has worked for me.. I can't simply figure it out.. Normally I would do it off a host as it's 10x easier. How are other people doing it? I read and follow all tutorials but I am always missing something.. Thanks for any assistance...
  12. RastaLulz ツ

    BEC.exe Installation Problems (Bans.txt)

    Yeah I fixed that, but just gives another error. It's not working at all. I even did the hosts file thing with ibattle.org and stuff. Doesn't work.
  13. RastaLulz ツ

    BEC.exe Installation Problems (Bans.txt)

    Hi guys, I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 and its a dedicated box, I am wondering why my BEC.exe says Bans.txt doesn't exist when it does.. I cannot remove the .txt at the end either as it will make it into a standard file. I need to use restarts every 4 or 6 hours ASAP. Can someone help me please? I tried my hardest and it's not working
  14. RastaLulz ツ

    Code 12 Vehicle Trader [NEED HELP ASAP]

    Okay, let me turn it off and try. #EDIT: Works, thank you very much.
  15. RastaLulz ツ

    Code 12 Vehicle Trader [NEED HELP ASAP]

    Hi, I have transferred my stuff from a host to a dedicated server, set everything up.. Now when I buy a vehicle from the trader, it gives me an error saying I cannot purchase due to code 12, then if I press it again, it spawns the vehicle next to me and I didn't pay, it's not on the database either. Can someone help me with this please? I have no idea what how to fix this issue RPT Error: