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  1. HerrnOli ✯ Real

    Cherno - Server wont start

    ok, i switched to windows, and everything works perfect, for each other linux guy, maybe use "-mods:xyz" to the params. ("")
  2. HerrnOli ✯ Real

    Cherno - Server wont start

    Linux open automatically ports if needed.
  3. HerrnOli ✯ Real

    Cherno - Server wont start

    will it work with the complete pack? //Edit: ive done it, but the server Console is always stucking in:
  4. HerrnOli ✯ Real

    Cherno - Server wont start

    Hi Guys, at first; Sorry for my bad english! ______________ i got an Linux Ubuntu 14 Server as host Server. im trying to get the Chernarus map on my server. i've installed the server like this tutorial: https://gameservermanagers.com/lgsm/arma3server/ after the installation it work fine as well, so i want to install Chernarus and im stucking right now... ill try a bunch of tutorials and found this very helpful in my opinion its all correctly installed and server startet successful, but if i look on the ArmA 3 Launcher (Steam) looks like this: (no mission and no type loaded) and the Console is stucking at this point: click. (btw my serverstartup params are ) i hope anyone out there can help me and other guys who have the same problems. greez.