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  1. ุ


    Hi! I just want to know if anyone of U's got this kind of bug... like everytime i loot/use this kind of guns they have this thing that floats around it.. im not evne sure if its an attachment
  2. hi can someone please help me edit this... if (!isServer) exitWith {}; //SET DATE _startingdate = [2039,03,17, 6, 30]; //2039 = Year, 07 = Month, 3+floor //(random 8) = random time between 3am and 10am, 00 = minite setdate _startingdate; //If you dont want a random start time change 3+floor (random 8) to a solid 24 hour time integer, like 10 for 10am while {true} do { if (daytime >= 19 || daytime < 6) then // Adjust these for when you want "night time" { setTimeMultiplier 24 // adjust this value for slower or faster night cycle } else { setTimeMultiplier 12 // adjust this value for slower or faster day cycle }; uiSleep 60; }; im trying to make my server last for 3 hrs and do a 24 hr rotation in my server but it doesnt seem im doing it right.... so what im trying todo is to make at 19:00 or 7pm at night til 6:00 or 6 am in the morning in server should last 1 hour in real life... and from 6 am to 7 pm at night at server should last 2 hours.. not sure what party im doing wrong..
  3. ุ

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    How do i increase the chance of Vehicles spawn every mission in the server?
  4. ุ

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    Same problem here? can someone help us please
  5. New server as of 25th of september 2016 Exile chernarus! updated exile 1.0.2 Ranks! AI mission and roamers! Zombies! Infected! Blackmarket! Aidrop! Zombie Crate Mission!
  6. ุ


    everytime i put those 2 it always fk up the server even if i replace the script... do i need to put them both at the same time? im really confuse T_T
  7. ุ

    Chernarus Building Replacement Script (Updated Dec 2017)

    Hi it seems the code of this script is not working anymore after the update Exile 1.0.2 can someone verify it for me? it looks like the houses that were replace is missing/invisible/gone
  8. ุ


    CAn you please teach me how todo this? been asking for days i havent really get any reply please help
  9. ุ

    Respect based spawn gear

    can you please help me, i copied the files about your comment and it doesnt work for me still i mean i can go in game and respawn but for some reason when i kill my self and try to respawn it always gives me the default set up please reply
  10. Can someone please help me how Can i install Loadout Respawn based respect to my server? I seen this one but everytime i try to do this it doesnt work for me.. like i done the script properly and i can even join my server if i do this BUT when i tried to kill myself and press respawn it always stuck me at Requesting Bambi and i get an error saying Bambi creation timeout.. Please help.. or if anyone can post a valid or updated script ill appreciate it so bad been working on this for 3 days straight
  11. what codes should i put in description.ext? sorry im totally clueless
  12. Hi everyone can anyone help me please... Is any of you guys know how to change the default combat music in exile? please teach me ill appreciate it . Cheers!
  13. ุ

    combat music

    Hi everyone can anyone help me please... Is any of you guys know how to change the default combat music in exile? please teach me ill appreciate it . Cheers!
  14. ุ

    Can someone please help me

    Sorry but this doesnt really help me because the cords when im trying to change the spawn location is wrong.. im doing the spawn location manually and it doesnt give me the same spot