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  1. tjmi3y

    Help Ravage mod

    @Riker2335 I did asked on the ravage forum but no answer for now. anyway I will try to figure it out and thanks for your response guys.
  2. tjmi3y

    Help Ravage mod

    I'm not using (Ryan zombies exilez/TornZ) just Ravage mod , it have its own zombies
  3. Thanks @xmg559 it is working, but can you tell me why there is no sound when I give an order to the unit.
  4. tjmi3y

    Help Ravage mod

    Hi every one, I started few days ago to add Ravage mod to my server, I edited my mission.sqm with the map editor and added some Ravage modules like (AI,zombies and loot system) then I started my server and everything spawned... but I found two problems : 1- the zombies sounds not working. 2-the loot system spawn the luggage but when I open it there is nothing inside. (maybe I can leave this and use exile loot system). Other than that everything working correctly for now, so I'll be grateful if anyone can help me. PS: I am noob and English is not my native language.
  5. Thanks man, and can you tell me how to remove safezones so can anyone kill or get killed at trader locations, thanks again.