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  1. Nevo

    InfiStar delete queue

    Usually, the delete queue occurs when you have a lot of stuff going on in your server which can include infistar commands. It should be deleted within a reasonable time and if that is not happening, you should try restarting the server to see if that would fix it. What kind of Mods is the server running?
  2. You might have made a mistake in your Loot Table. If you have a backup of your previous config, make a comparison using a DIFF program and you'll be able to narrow down where you made the mistake. It could be something as silly as one comma or a class mis-spelt. Your RPT will probably not show the issue however you can upload it to something like
  3. Did you recently change any configuration files or add new Mods / Scripts?
  4. Nevo

    Kicked off for no reason, any Exile server.

    I noticed in your RPT that you have: Instead of "NOT FOUND", it should have "GAME DIR". Are you able to verify the contents of Curator (14 files, 46.2MB) ? I know that you've reinstalled however i find that part particularly weird that its unable to find it yet everything else is found. Furthermore, when you are trying to join any EXILE Server, are you using the original ARMA III launcher to where it would notify you about which MODS the server is using and for you to set them up in order to successfully join? The issue that you may be having could be tied with not having the correct MODS loaded even with core EXILE MOD.
  5. Nevo

    Kicked off for no reason, any Exile server.

    Have you tried downloading the Exile Mod manually, extracting it to a folder of your choice and then adding it as Local Mod using the original ARMA III launcher followed by an attempt to join an Exile Server?
  6. Nevo

    [SOLVED] Delete my Account?

    I don't know why you've posted in this forum however you can try sending a PM to one of the Moderators with the request to have it deleted. If they can, they will be able to forward your request to the Administrators. If they are unable to comply with your request, you can always edit all your profile information and posts and remove any and all of your content, including your personal information. If you are planning to create another account, you must understand according to the website rules, you are only allowed to have one account.
  7. Nevo

    Loading into Game Issue

    Although you have replied to an older thread, have you tried downloading the latest Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015? Prior to Installing vc_redist.x64.exe and vc_redist.x86.exe, make sure you run windows update. Then proceed to install vc_redist.x64.exe and then vc_redist.x86.exe.
  8. Nevo

    New Map Markers and Scuba Traders

    type = "ExileDiversTraderIcon";
  9. Nevo

    Objects poptabs limit.

    Follow the instructions on my previous post and it will work as intended.
  10. Nevo

    Exile PHP Admin Tools/Portal
  11. Nevo

    can't join any TANOA servers HELP PLEASE

    Just to rule things out, Do you have the APEX expansion?
  12. Nevo

    Dumb question

    A shovel is used to hide a dead players body provided its on the ground:
  13. Nevo

    CPU boosting at 90%

    What Mods are you using?
  14. I found an interesting video on youtube that explains how to get rid of preset buildings/objects: Make sure to read the comments (on the youtube video) for more information and suggestions. Once you get rid of the buildings this way, you'll be able to add them back in as indestructible and that should solve one of your issues.
  15. Seems like a complicated situation. I don't have a Chernarus Server however I know that on other Maps, there are buildings that are indestructible. The best and quickest way to test such buildings would be to use ZEUS Lightning using Admin Tools. Typically, the traders should be setup in such locations so as to not have their buildings destroyed so all I can suggest to you would be to find buildings on your map that cannot be destroyed and move your Traders there. As far as the players inside safe zone not getting 'hit' by bullets shot at them from outside campers, there wouldn't be anyway to fix that that I know of. Sorry I can't be of more assistance. Perhaps another person on these forums will have better suggestions.