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  1. You need to stop your server and click on the steam update button. Let it update then restart your server.
  2. Hi wanted to say a big thanks first off to the community and all the help you give. Great job guys. I am new to exile and have setup a server for me and a few friends do with the hope of going live and getting a community together. At the moment the server is 30 person but will increase once more finished. I need some help if any one is available to help me fine tune add stuff and get it all ship shape to go live. I've added a few bits already some mods missions and infistar. If there is any kind soul that has a bit of time spare to help the initial setup. Many thanks in advance and again great community guys.
  3. Thank you for your help. I'm trying my best to get this server set up for me and my friends and then take it public. I never realised how much was involved. Thanks again
  4. hi i have added cup v and cup w to my server but for some reason they have a price of 0 im really not sure what to do to fix it i have checked and double checked the readme file to add them i used the trader mod master way of adding stuff i have added other mods to trader they work okay just problem with the cup stuff and maybe apex stuff .
  5. hello great addon i dont seem to be able to get the billboards to display the pictures though just a blank billboard i have added the custom folder to my mp mission pbo any ideas also great work again.
  6. Hello , thank you again for the help the other day very grateful . I was wondering if you knew if this is possible as I've googled this but to no avail . I am running Exile on Tanoa with dms missions and zupas capture points and wanted to add zombies onto one of the islands only for some of my friends . Is this possible even. The island does not have a bridge so the zombies would be restricted to the one island . ? .. Also do you do payed work as I need help with my server still ie adding better loot tables , bridges , in game server restart messages . Hacking , grinding , virtual garage , air drops , and also some stuff to the traders and cleaning them up as I've added some stuff but it seems messy all over the place and some items have zero cost . Also on a last note some other xm8 apps as well . I'm really trying hard with each day with doing stuff on the server but finding some stuff so baffling . Best regards Ian . PS can't pm you so didn't know how to contact you .
  7. thank you so much kuplio brilliant help .simple straight forward .have a great evening or moring where ever you are buddy . ian thanks again
  8. okay im just going to check that now thank you very much for your help .
  9. thank you for your help .
  10. http://pastebin.com/HaKUG2LR
  11. sorry im really new to this .
  12. thank you guys i have had a look but im still not sure what it is .it was working fine with the status bar mod and a few others , this has been since i used the trader mod master . here is my server RPT file does it make sense to you guys .
  13. hi guys im very new to setting up my own exile server something has gone wrong and i have no idea how to fix it i added trader mod master and now the server starts but for love nor money will it load me in i just get stuck on exile load screen then one of the radom messages ironing bambi suit then nothing no sound just sits there .plz help ive gone back over the lines and cant see what i ve done wrong . im not even sure what files to post in the slim chance one of you guys can look if you get the chance and help . best reguards ian .