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  1. Mux

    Esseker loot

    I know there has been a lot of threads about this topic already but believe this is different. I gotten loot to spawn in a few houses in the city named gulash but the exact same house in other cities do not spawn any loot. The mods i'm using to test this server is Esseker, A2OP (also tried CUP terrains complete) and exile. I've disabled spawning restrictions such as distance to safezone and increased spawn chance. i've gotten no errors, i've tried to create my own loot spawn positions and also used loot positions mad by others. if there is no solution, is there a way to manually create and place every loot spawn location on the map? thanks for any help.
  2. Mux

    ExileZ 2

    thank you very much.
  3. Mux

    ExileZ 2

    Does anyone have triggerPositions for Esseker with military bases, main cities and cities? Have been trying to make my own but GetMarkerCmd doesn't seem to be working.
  4. Mux

    ExileZ 2

    My spawn protection didn't work either. I solved it by adding some lines of code in "ZombieDeleter.sqf" which checks for if the zombie is in a safe zone and deletes it if it is. here is the code i added: Here is the full "ZombieDeleter.sqf" file: This should stop any zombies from wandering into safezones @Patrix87 I don't know if something similar already is implemented or not but this could maybe be a solution if it isn't working at the moment. Feel free to add it to this code to Exilez.
  5. Mux

    ExileZ 2

    what is the base health of demons and will they have the same health as normal zombies if i change "_Ryanzombieshealthdemon" to 0.8? And are boss zombies in "zClasses.sqf" the same as demon zombies?
  6. Mux

    ExileZ 2

    I've found the problem with hordes not spawning in the newest release of Exilez (1.0.2). The problem is some missing code in "HordeLoop.sqf" that executes "VerifyLocation.sqf" in a way that causes problems and doesn't spawn zombies. When HordeLoop executes it first check if the location of the player is valid and after that it checks if the randomly generated spawn location is a valid spawn for the horde (not inside territory, not in safezone, not too close to player and not too far away from players). The code in "VerifyLocation.sqf" must execute differently when it tries to validate the location of the player compared to the location of a zombies spawn since the players location is always too close to a player (only if minSpawnDistance>0) to be able to be a valid zombie spawn. This code already exist and it ignores to check for players too close and too far away when it validates a players location. The code looks like this: so when "VerifyLocation.sqf" receives two input variables when executed, "_ignorePlayer" is unaffected and remain false but when it receives three it overrides "_ignorePlayer" with the third variables value wish should be set to true when checking a players location. The problem that i've experienced is caused by "HordeLoop.sqf" when it tries to verify the players location since it checks it as if it was a zombie spawn location wish therefore returns false since the player is to close to a player (the player itself). It looks like this in "HordeLoop.sqf": _____________________________________________________________________________Solution_____________________________________________________________________________ To solve this, there needs to be a third value that is true when verifying the players location and it's done like this: 1. Extract exilez.pbo 2. Inside the newly created folder, go to the "init" folder, then the "code" folder and open "HordeLoop.sqf. 3. On line 41, replace this: With this: Optionally, you can just replace everything inside the file with this: 4. Repack the extracted folder with the edited "HordeLoop.sqf" back to exile.pbo 5. done. This solved it for me and hordes are now spawning on my server. I hope this can be fixed in the official release of exilez as soon as possible. Hope it helps somebody.
  7. Mux

    ExileZ 2

    I tried it and it still gave me the same error message so it must be something else
  8. Mux

    ExileZ 2

    I do run night on the server but so far, no hordes have spawned during the night as far as i'm aware. It is still possible that i've missed it so i'll be trying this tomorrow, thanks for the help
  9. Mux

    ExileZ 2

    How do you get horde spawns working on Tanoa. I've been trying to get it working the last 5 hours and all i'm getting is this: 19:14:41 "ExileZ 2.0: No valid player found for the Horde" After some troubleshooting, i'm fairly certain it has something to do with "VerifyLocation.sqf". It doesn't seem to find a valid location on Tanoa for the horde to spawn. Here's my "fn_init.sqf":