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    GREAT SERVER!!! If you are looking for a server that DOES NOT cater to care-bears or crybabies.. this is the one for you. You will get your ass kicked by ZOMBIES every time you think you are safe. There is a WIDE range of vehicles available... We have the HVP, TRYK uniforms, Birds & Bees, Zombies & Demons, RZInfection addons not to mention it's on the best map in the world CHERNARUS! Custom map, customs spawn points custom rank & starting load out, Custom vendors.....Custom vehicles! Stop by and check us out. Free base building kit for all new comers, each player gets one..... Bring your crew and get 1 crate per person. Each crate already has a Base Flag in it so you have a great headstart.... Jump in our TS and chat it up or request you own private room for you and your crew in our 500 SLOT TS3 server.