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    Website: Teamspeak 3: Tanoa: Alits: Hey guys, its PrestigeYT or Jacob Lord here, and today im looking for new players to join our Exile Tanoa server. Our server can hold 25 people, It has custom scripts and areas. Heres a list of just some features. *Rad Zones(Extreme Loot) *Multiple Single Trade Zones(Gun trade, or a Boat trader) as well as 4 around the map *High Zombie infested zones *Custom admin events *Free build kit *Spawn a quad bike with a radio *Status bar *30k Start(20k extra via introduction post) *High FPS *CUP Weapons, Units,Vehicles,TRYK Multiplay Uniforms,Exile, and Ryans Zombies and Demons *Earthquakes *Active Admins *ZCP Zones *Launcher and armed vehicles *Great server hardware *Lifting and towing Come on by, and im sure you wont be diasppointed. We have a great owner, who is also a great dev and helpfull staff. I hope to see you soon.