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  1. I bought, tested ... such tools have never seen, including the pc. p.s you buy only once
  2. for all buildings example class Land_MBG_GER_HUS_2 //the chance of 50% table1 and table2 { table = "Shop"; // small objects positions[] = { }; table2 = "CivillianLowerClass2";// large objects positions2[] = { }; }; small objects large objects if not found in the building table2 used table) p.s I'm sorry, maybe I did not write in that topic? I make the position only for map, without the use of fashion @Exile Taunus, because this mod is not a3laucher,or is it not important?
  3. a little more free time and will be completed), if anyone is interested I'll share)))
  4. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/90471406778539315/9E9560B2816A666777978AE64C1F8F525756B45E/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/90471406778537769/7E881F79C95C57317B9512402A5E692FEC5CB83F/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/90471406778551743/78B3CD1A8585442073DA449444B8B7B2905E1D4C/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/90471406778538411/11D947F74D98C4FFEBA166C89D2AFCB2545A2B8E/ if I can I'll be divided))
  5. Hi guys I'm working on loot items In this regard, I have a question, there are objects that consist of many small objects, there is no way to know the position, whether they will connect into a coherent whole? sorry for my English)))
  6. someone else has found a solution? I ran clear mission without any mods,nothing changed who knows how to disable logging?)) p.s Client logging all good p.s p.s I understand that logging should be on the server, but at the moment it is the only solution,if someone interesting ...add to the server start line -nologs sorry for my English))
  7. most of the players go to the server via a3 launcher))
  8. M3g you get an error when you run the client? or just me)
  9. connects the new player The server starts without mods the server is started with mods it makes no difference
  10. Thank you responded quickly) but I have not written in vain in this topic no texture maps, maybe they have been renamed? Bohemia loves it)) tested on five different clients server and the card were downloaded again victoria airport-hangar the server is always on You can enter, check) 2302 p.s Forgive my curiosity, do you map a developer?)
  11. I ran the server without any add-ons client log p.s error occurs when a player enters the server
  12. Error in expression <> 14:54:05 Error position: <> 14:54:05 Error Local variable in global space 14:54:05 Error in expression <> 14:54:05 Error position: <> 14:54:05 Error Local variable in global space 14:54:05 Error in expression <> my attempts to start I used my mission I used new files server and mission of this topic Cleaning the database sorry for my English someone has the same problem? p.s in another map, it works well there are no errors
  13. map works well... it is possible to go to the server only at the second attempt File australia_scenes\scenes\intro1.australia\initintro.sqf, line 82 )) as far as I remember, this problem appeared after updating Arma ( Error position: <drawIcon3D [_icon, _color, _position, _s> ) p.s that is associated with the class marker
  14. Hi sorry for my english) yesterday I saw this interesting script installed it on my test server, unfortunately works only in debug mode, my friend gave me a hint .... config_storms.sqf - line 20- (requiredRain) - delete line 44-48 if (debugStorms) then { interval = 30; diag_log format ["Debug active interval set to %1",interval]; }; delete (not necessary) JohnO_fnc_storm.sqf- Line 7 --- replaced by if ((Rain >= 0.7) || (daytime >= 19 || daytime < 5)) then P.s I could be wrong but .....Is there requiredRain ? P.s P.s if the author has already fixed, I'm sorry) on my server everything works well