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  1. I've also written something the past few days that modifies the file that's responsible for choosing the loot table to pick from. My focus on it is for tweaking and self-tailouring the Radiation loot table on the radiation island (Tanoa I'm talking about here specifically). You can configure it to randomize between different loot tables to mix things up, choose a spawn frequency % to reduce the amount of stuff that actually pops up when the Radiation table is selected, as well as configure loot tables for both specific buildings as well as specific zones. Pretty simple and works.
  2. I've got a cache manager that I originally wrote for my larger mission that I've since modified for Exile. It runs on any instance without an interface (server and all headless clients) and will cache and keep track of any locally owned vehicles and AI units based upon configured distances from players. It's compatible with DMS (had to modify it for it). Works just fine but it may need some BE filters made for it. B
  3. Thanks Kuplion! I'm generally not aware of many of the mods for Exile out there other than whatever I may've searched on in the past. Part of the reason I've been writing this stuff among other things is because my searches haven't yielded any favourable results. So, I'm just posting here to see whether or not anything I've got would be worthwhile to post up or if there's already something better out and it's therefore not worth it. B
  4. I forgot to mention: In working on this framework thing, I was able to solve a problem with the use of headless clients on the Exile server with it filling up the Accounts table in the SQL dBase by adding tons of account entries with 'HCxxxx'.
  5. Howdy folks, my name's BDC and I'm an active Arma scripter guy that's been writing small scripts and mods for the past several years since DayZ time. I've been writing code for Arma 3 for about three years now with much of it being focused on a campaign-level multiplayer mission (for Altis as well as variants for other maps) that's taken about 2 1/2 years to write and perfect. Since then, I've recently setup an Exile mod server and started writing things for it, which brings me to the point of this post. The reason for my post is about two things I've been working on; one of which I just today got working. I've called them 'Client ID Framework' and 'RZD Helper' respectively. A bit about the two: The Client ID Framework is a small set of eventhandlers that grab and log the owner/client ID's of both headless clients and players that log in that can be used for two-way acknowledgements and ultimately the offloading of spawned AI from one instance to another via setGroupOwner command. What initially brought me to writing it is a desire for my being able to run ExileZ w/ Ryan's Zombies and Demons on my own box but offload the AI to a headless client. I've modified ExileZ with a few additional configuration options where I tell it what headless client to offload AI to on-the-fly; not with a client ID or a configured name in the mission file, but rather literally by the number of the headless clients in the order they've connected to the server. I've verified that it works by log files that are configured to be turned on that show when units have been transferred over to a specific HC. On the second thing I wrote, it's something I've been working on for a couple of weeks now called RZD (for Ryan's Zombies and Demons) Helper that adds an additional behaviour script that runs for each locally owned Zed. The idea is to augment the existing zombie.sqf behaviour script in the default PBO package and add things like target acquisition, herd mentality, the ability to get around the large vehicle bounding box exploit (when a player hugs up against a plane and the zed can't hit you thing), as well as random roaming and even the ability to stealth around depending upon player stance and speed. I even take into account the use of firearms to attract zed over (or not, if the firing player or AI unit is using a suppressed weapon) as well as chemlights, smoke grenades, demolitions, and other explosives (grenades, RPG use, etc). I accomplish this by changing a few values in the ExileZ spawner routine to greatly reduce the ability of the standard zombie.sqf script to "Autodetect" players that are far away. So far, it's working well but likely needs more play time and perhaps some tweaking. My main question: Since I'm not an active Exile forum user or member of the community (I tend to keep to myself), would either of these be of interest to anyone? Or do things like this already exist and I'm merely just re-inventing the wheel? Thanks, B