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  1. Johnny82

    VEMF questions

    Does anyone know how to do the above? Would really help me out.
  2. Johnny82

    being kick from the server

    What error do you get when you are kicked from the server exactly? The info you pasted above it generic and i cannot see why you would be kicked from that information. please use pastebin when posting more info btw. too much scrolling! i presume who ever owns the server has lifted the infistar ban before you try connecting again?
  3. Johnny82

    VEMF questions

    Hi All, I wonder can anyone tell me with two queries I have. The first is how to remove rockets from those VEMF aimbot choppers?! They are a real pain in the a*se. A lot of new clients connecting have complained about them and it is difficult for them to gear up at all if they keep getting blown to pieces! The second is how do I change the range on VEMF missions? Clients have complained about this one so I tested it myself and found that even though a mission spawns and shows on the map, if you are 700m+ out and want to snipe, there are no AI/chopper. However if I run down and do a suicide run within 300m, the mission AI spawn (and sometimes a chopper will suddenly spawn also), meaning instant death! Is it possible to get the VEMF mission AI to spawn if someone passes within 1km? I am used to DMS, which is easy as pie to configure settings wise. Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. Johnny82

    Doors not open

    I also have this problem on altis at the same traders. I cannot use the fix posted above as my classnames are not there for those buildings and also don't have "false, true", I only have "false" OR "true" at the end of each line in my initServer.sqf Does anyone have a fix for this?
  5. Johnny82

    Trader doors

    I have upgraded my server to v1.68 and implemented the temp fixes. I still have an issue with some trader doors not opening on my Altis server. I was about to follow this post but my classnames are slightly different, in that they are not all there and they only have 1 x false or 1 x true at the end of each line, not two as described in the fix. How do I get these trader doors to work?
  6. Johnny82

    Hosting 2 svrs from same ip

    @GamersRoost you are my hero! all working great now mate, thank you! [SOLVED]
  7. Johnny82

    Hosting 2 svrs from same ip

    I think I found the problem! I was making a new schema instead of a db! I have created a new db following this and checked both servers. The only thing carrying over from my original tanoa server are territories, poptabs, respect and k/d ratio which means its because i could not truncate some of the tables due to the error pic I posted above. Half the tables truncate ok but the other half dont. Can anyone help? This is the video I used to create a new db. I just need to know how to get past the error so I can truncate the 3 tables that are affected.
  8. Johnny82

    Hosting 2 svrs from same ip

    @GamersRoost this what I have. exile_altis is the new db for the altis map which is the one in question. exile is the original db for my tanoa server.
  9. Johnny82

    Hosting 2 svrs from same ip

    Thanks I will try that. I was able ti truncate all but the first entry when I expanded the db tree. I got an error in the first entry when truncating, maybe thats the cause
  10. Johnny82

    Hosting 2 svrs from same ip

    It says exile_altis which is the new db. As nothing else carried over I know its using the new db. Are things in the xm8 stored somewhere else that could make this happen?
  11. Johnny82

    Hosting 2 svrs from same ip

    I made a new db for the new map already and named it exile_altis and thats the one the server is using. Strange...
  12. Johnny82

    Hosting 2 svrs from same ip

    @GamersRoost thanks for all the help. Everything running great but characters still have the same respect and poptabs as they do on the other map. Is this something to do with the db? Anyone thats new and connects parachutes in as if they should so not sure why some stuff has carried over.
  13. Johnny82

    Hosting 2 svrs from same ip

    ignore, sorted it
  14. Johnny82

    Hosting 2 svrs from same ip

    @GamersRoost thanks I need glasses! Lol. It starts now but just keeps looping. Reads the mission file, starts the servers, reads mission file again, starts server and so on. Any ideas?
  15. Johnny82

    Hosting 2 svrs from same ip

    Any ideas for this guys? Got everything set up but on start up its looking for the tanoa map even though in the config.cpp in the exileserver folder I changed map name to exile.altis