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  1. Dragonslayer10

    Extended Base Mod

    Read the text files in the mod folder it tells you exactly how to fix this... exileserver_object_construction_database_load
  2. Dragonslayer10

    New errors [XEH]

    When reading the install instrucions it overwrites the ExileServer_object_construction_database_load.sqf When making the changes with the temporary workaround fix for 1.68 Arma I lose all exile constructions built. Any ideas of how to resolve this?
  3. Dragonslayer10

    1.68 Bugs Megathread Discussion

    Since the update my RCON is no longer working. Could this be part of my issue? I have created a new file named beserver_x64.cfg and dropped it in the same location as the old 32bit one. Still nothing. Or has anyone else figured out what could cause this? If I overlooked it could you please post a link to the issue? Thanks ***EDIT*** Don't know why but it is working now... Thanks Arma....
  4. Dragonslayer10

    Extended Base Mod

    Yeah, gets super annoying to have to log on to move someones pierbox because when you place it, it falls down half a mile...
  5. Dragonslayer10

    Extended Base Mod

    Has anyone figured out how to move some of the larger items (ie. Pierbox, Long Pier, Solar Tower etc etc)? I have been fooling around with no luck. Maybe someone has a little more info.
  6. Dragonslayer10

    Extended Base Mod - Edited Craft List + Deconstruct

    Did not work for me. It shows up and I can see the deconstruct in my options, however it says the item is missing. I noticed that when you place the objec the _kit at the end is removed. Removing the _kit and testing it now. ***EDIT*** After trying this it still didn't work. It doesn't recognize the object that you are standing next to. It picks up everything else just not the actual item (ie: Long Pier, Peirbox, Sleepingbad etc etc).
  7. Dragonslayer10

    [GUIDE] Server Owner w/ infiSTAR, Eden & DMS

    You could try. But I'm pretty sure you will be getting a lot of be kicks.
  8. Dragonslayer10

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    No problem! I was reading on my phone and it cut a portion of the code off. Then I looked again and looks like we responded about the same time haha. I know the feeling of staring at the same thing for hours like what is wrong??? Glad you got it working!
  9. Dragonslayer10

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Looks like it's just the first two are dups. Remove then and let us know how it goes.
  10. Dragonslayer10

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Starting at line 143 of your item list you have a few duplicates. I stopped reading after a few dups. Double check those and remove the duplicates. Should be good then.
  11. Dragonslayer10

    First Person (Trader Zones Only)

  12. One last server, we just closed it. Thank you again for the last two, and this one in advance! Cheers
  13. If you could be so kind sir to remove these two for me? and
  14. Dragonslayer10

    [RGSB] - Exile Statusbar - Moved to Exile Expansion Mod

    Did that work for you?