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    Vehicle purchase error 13

    *SORTED* I'm an idiot! Had the wrong '@foldername' defined in the servers launch parameters. Was still named '@folder_name', the place holder name I used when I first created the mod. Lesson always ensure your mod is loading in your server rpt hehe. Cheers
  2. Wildeheart

    Vehicle purchase error 13

    I realised that was the most common error from the other posts I read so I went over the config.cpp many times. I don't see any errors in the way I included them which is why I posted the working files in the spoiler tags above. Did you see anything in those that looked wrong to you? As to the working area for spawns, nothing has been altered from the default Exile Altis layouts and all vehicles were cleared away from the spawn zone including testing after a fresh reset in case a rogue invisible can was left behind from towing.
  3. Wildeheart

    Vehicle purchase error 13

    Hello, I have been trying to sort out an issue I am having with our Exile server. I created a small mod for friends to have some custom striders. I included the entries in the exile-altis config.cpp as required and when we tried to buy the vehicles from the trader the system throw the error message. I rewrote the mod thinking maybe I had not included enough info and still we got the error. I have searched the forums and google and found that in the exile version we have the ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest.sqf settings seem to be inline with proposed work arounds found on these forums. I'm not really keen on using another script to try and sort the issue and hope someone may have some insight on what I may be doing wrong. Thank you! Mod Config Exile Altis Config