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  1. NetShark

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Im afraid I cannot live with this fact... I'll have to downgrade.... Thanks for your answer bro.
  2. NetShark

    Exile Soundtrack License

    Good afternoon, Im not sure if I posted this on the right forum. I'd like to ask if I can use Exile Soundtrack to record, edit and upload videos on YouTube about my Exile Server. I don't like to go against copyright in any form, that's why I ask about the Soundtrack License. Specifically Im asking about this soundtrack: Soundtrack on Youtube that I guess it's related to this wiki post. Thanks for your time.
  3. NetShark

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi good morning. Im having this issue since I updated to the versions 1.66. Today I updated DMS to the lastest 1.68 released and the problem persists. I couldn't find any answer to this question made by Bob_the_K, so that's why I bring it back to the table... is this an issue of the lastests updates?... Should I go back to version v1.36 which worked fine? Thanks
  4. Confirmed. I also had problems with my VG, it was duplicating vehicles, but the problem was that I made a mistake while updating to Exile v1.0.3 and replaced the exile.ini file, deleting the ExAd VG instalation modifications. That's why it got broken for me. Solution: Go and Follow the instructions of the VG Installation: Specially the part which says " Copy over content from "@ExileServer\extDB\sql_custom_v2\exile.ini" - Follow the instructions in the file. " I hope it helps someone.
  5. NetShark

    Corpse Removal Time

    If you set: lifeTime = 15; It means the dead body will last 15 minutes. If you need more time set the time you need. Keep in mind that high values here can affect server performance.
  6. Im sorry if this was discussed before. I have a problem with Cameras and Laptops, if I build a laptop it works fine, but after the restart it cannot be openned or used, it has to be removed and set again for it to work. And with Security cameras, they work fine when you build them, but after server restart, they work but cannot move the sight, they are always looking at the sam direction and cannot move the camera with CCTV function. Any clue?
  7. NetShark

    Special Trader without Money

    Hahaha.... Ok, thanks. Actually, if I had the skills I would've created this same post but explaining how to do it...
  8. Good afternoon, Simple question : What would be the best way to create a Special Trader where players purchase vehicles or items in exchange of a specific object? I Mean, instead of purchasing with poptabs I want the players to purchase with a specific item. Is this possible? Thanks
  9. NetShark

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    I wonder this same question. Any answer?
  10. NetShark

    Anti-Teleport Issue Incorrect Speed

    We've had this issue during these days. Log: 17-03-2017 09:38:51 | Player(0000000000000000 - 11) HLOG_SKICK: Player(0000000000000000) | POTENTIAL-TP 4: Moved 219m in 0.311035s (from [9644.67,15126.9,65.2781] to [9861.7,15158.4,23.0569]). TopSpeed of CUP_B_AH64D_MR_USA is 293 speed was 3031. Player FPS: 24.961. Alive for 2600.12s | 2h 38min 2s I of course removed the real player name and Steam ID. For now we have disable our Anti-TP Check because we have a lot of planes and helis availables at traders.
  11. NetShark

    Roaming Trader Script

    My traders are as they are by default on Altis. I just followed the instructions and test it. Did you have that error when installing it?
  12. NetShark

    Roaming Trader Script

    Ok, I tried this today. I can confirm it still doesnt work. RPT Error: > 17:25:23 Error Undefined variable in expression: trader 17:25:23 File x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\travellingTrader.sqf, line 134 17:25:23 Error in expression < disableAI "MOVE"; uiSleep 5; } else Removing