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  1. Yes server root directory works fine.
  2. Yes what I posted needs NO mission.sqm editing all you have to do is run it as a servermod then #login adminpass while in server then hit "y" key while in game and then Zeus opens. real easy. you have to use the #login AdminPass (the administrator password in config.cfg) in chat (only one admin can be logged in at a time per BIS)
  3. Hi Mr. Sanchez on your thread  [DPXMU]Mount/Unmount for DMS/VEMF/ZCP Crates + More Vehicles to use it  Korwiin said: I believe these instructions are missing (at minimum) the parts needed to class CfgInteractionMenus >> Class SupplyBox

    I believe he's on to something, is he correct?

    I have added/replaced classCfgVehicleTransport with yours as posted and no joy, would we need to add a new class with actions after class SupplyBox for each crate to make this work?

    Thanks in advance and help is appreciated.

  4. Also I don't have anything Zeus in my mission.sqm
  5. I don't know honestly, I don't use the userconfig, I use it without the userconfig and it just works for what I use it for. I haven't tried placing anything from DMS or exile itself, I have spawned ryan's zombies with this and like I said I'm not using any userconfig I just drag & drop load as a -servermod. For the record I have this installed on 2 a3wasteland servers and one Exile server all working.
  6. That *would go into your root game directory but you don't need it to use SLZ. Just as you said run it as a -servermod login as admin, press "y", profit!! If you want to use the userconfig then you can the file itself has instructions -filePatching must be used in server startup if using that.
  7. This works excellent!! Thank you!
  8. hobart

    [Tut-Easy]Curator(Zues) on your exile server

    For anyone who wants to know I posted this yesterday, probably the easiest way to add Zeus to any server/mission/module etc. The last comment has the goods.
  9. hobart

    No More Safe Zone Killings

    I found my idiocy, I had left the coords for Altis' safe-zones in (I'm running Chern)
  10. hobart

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    Great addon TY works perfectly!
  11. hobart

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    Great addon TY works perfectly!
  12. Hey Dead horse, I know, but this works for any mission/mod/map etc including Exile http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30621 seelenlos Zeus (SLZ) by fry02312 Short description: This mod allows the serveradmin to use Zeus in every mission.
  13. hobart

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    I'm having this same issue, was there ever a fix for this? And I am using the latest from git (3 days ago).
  14. hobart

    class cfgVon not working

    Yessir I've Completely commented that out in hopes to restore Side channel Von but I still get shhh'd by the system however Global works which I suppose that is just as well since there is only one faction. Thank you for the info!
  15. hobart

    class cfgVon not working

    class CfgVon { // self explanitory isnt it class global { id = 0; text = 0; von = 0; }; class side { id = 1; text = 1; von = 1; }; class command { id = 2; text = 0; von = 0; }; class group { id = 3; text = 1; von = 1; }; class vehicle { id = 4; text = 1; von = 1; }; class direct { id = 5; text = 1; von = 1; }; }; So, I have this set to allow von is side and no joy, players are still told by the system to shhhh and switched immediately to direct. So the whole // self explanitory isn't it really isn't now is it? I would love to have some help on this I've scoured the forums looking for a fix but all is really vague at best with wrong answers when given. Also an if isadmin for Global would be tits... I'm actually having to request or mention this ability? Juat trying to keep this exile code as clean as yall wrote it without having to hack the shit out of it to make it work.