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  1. alycee1993

    external db

    just easy for adding mods and testing them out I have armaremoteadmin it's good but pain in the arse stopping and starting also no screen shot because that's the only thing to show I can up load my extdb.cfc but that's not the problem
  2. alycee1993

    external db

    @Z80CPU i have set up about 9 servers I know how to do it there is no logs for db because it's not even loading it up. if I change the extdb.cfc to the local it dose the same this is a fresh download of exile and running on a fresh install of Windows my bet is it's to do with .dll files if there was logs I would have posted them also I am using tdast to launch the server until it's finished
  3. alycee1993

    external db

    hi can someone help me I am trying to set up a few servers but have the db on another computer within the network. I set the extdb config with my username and password and the ip of the db computer but I keep getting an error as shown in the pic. I have tryed the internal ip and external ip but still can't find it do i need to port forward 3306 or something thanks