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  1. MrDeano

    can someone help me?

    can someone have a look at this please can not figure out why i can not join the server
  2. MrDeano

    event keys

    hi i would like to be able to run a script on press of a key e.g when i press "Q" and menu pops up how am i able to go about this? Thanks Grimm
  3. MrDeano

    convoy missions?

    hello i have dms installed on my server and i would like for convoy missions but im unable to find them
  4. Hi Thank you for taking your time to read this post. [EU/UK] Reno Exile So i am looking for a dev/manager Key points must know how to add scripts must know how to addons knowing how to write custom script will be good being able to add stuff to the server like textures Will Have asses to the server files If Your Are Interested please contact me on here or on my teamspeak
  5. hi im Deano and i used to own a exile server but did not want to host one anymore but i have a teamspeak server with 50 slots which i would host it for free for someone with a Exile server you would have full asses with server admin If you wanna See the Teamspeak here is the IP: Thank You For Reading
  6. MrDeano

    APF Exile Server | We Need Staff

    sent email
  7. MrDeano

    Whats the mod?

    hi i was watching this person play this server and he had a building with wooden planks on the windows but that is it?
  8. MrDeano


    hello im Mrdeano or Deano i have owned 3 servers myself i have been a head admin on another server i allso have just under 2500 hours on arma 3 i joined your teamspeak to have a chat and i have spoken to riddick and he seems like a nice guy
  9. MrDeano

    finding battleye filters?

    how do i do that?
  10. MrDeano

    finding battleye filters?

    hi i wanted to know if there is a faster way to find if i need battleye filets b4 i start my server and then keep restart it to find i need one?
  11. MrDeano

    Reno Exile

    Welcome to Reno Exile Server. Reno is a popular community which started off with a altis Life Server but not its exile So as a growing community for more information on our other servers visit our website. Our Exile server has become my own personal project to which I hope will become popular. Reno Exile features include.. ● Dedicated Server ● High FPS ● 5.000 Starting PopTabs ● DMS - Static Ai missions ● XM8 APPS ● Igiload ● CUP Weapons & Vehicles ● Active Admins Some Server Rules : ● No safe zone camping / Trolling ● No safe zone stealing ● No Building on Military Zones without asking Admin first. ● No glitching or Duping ● No building on main roads
  12. MrDeano

    got a error need help :/

    please can someone help me with this
  13. MrDeano

    CBA Batteye??

    i have the battleye error in my script.log #15 "_event select 1) call CBA_fnc_localEvent; }; }; } forEach allVariables cba_events_eventNamespaceJIP; ["cba_events_eventJIP", C" and i tried to add it to script.text on line 15 and i added this but i still get this error !"'call.fsm';" !="_event select 1) call CBA_fnc_localEvent;\n};\n};\n} forEach allVariables cba_events_eventNamespaceJIP;\n}, []] call CBA_fnc_execNex"