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  1. DayZed

    Add vehicles isnt easy... or...?

    Hello Community in order to add vehicles to the server i start with investigations HERE...! i get some infos and the most end with: Add vehicles in mission > config.cpp > cfgExileArsenal and cfgTraderCategories, if you have a tow-script you need to add the new vehicles there2.. i add one vehicles in the above categories and the server stuck. After some checks of value about price, i give up...sadly because i dont find a idear... at first i like to add a Pawnee and a Marshall Tank "B_Heli_01_dynamicLoudout_F" and "B_APC_Wheeled_01_cannon_F" to the Traders and set the Value for respect and price. my questions now: where do i add vehicles like Tanks and Heli? are nonExile vehicles are addable? where do i add the respect-value of a vehicle thats buyable at the trader? is the price and respect free in value or do we have restrictions? (respect, i see the level 1-6...) Thanks for your time, HansPeter
  2. DayZed

    XM8 Menue "More" content is away...

    Hello and Thank you Beowulfv. i had the same thought... did you have a idear for a best practic to solve the problem? i will folow your and use a clean copy and compare it, file by file in notepad++ Can you give a a smale schooling how i realise a match for my problem? i start with the folow points.: reduce the amount to the files i touch or edit (like you say) look for Error´s in Log funktioncalls without a reaktion longer stuckings at a point (logs) show a possible problem , 6... ? i try for longer to get a overview of Arma Funktion but i am not really in practice, my understanding is more a better bambi state. Do we have a Arma3 Exile flow- or structure diagram? this will make a lot of problems much easyer to checkout or find out. if we have some infos, i like to spend some hours to create a significant diagram. with the experience of pro`s like you we can work on a diagram and get a overview with error-examples and answers what error produce what kind of errormassage or difficulty´s. i think this supports the quality of the communication and reduce the ammount of threads and in this the time and work from all of you... And its like you say, your experience tells you, "here is a coding problem" and iam sure, with the understanding and knowlage of the pro´s like you, its possible. Thank´s for your support Beowulfv best regards, HansPeter
  3. Hello Community In our XM8 is the Menuepoint "More" if you press it, you have no Content only a button "go back"... i look for a lot but i found sadly nothing thats brings us on... I install the new version of infistar XM8 and now the "More Content is empty too but you can switch with "next page" to different empty pages with the underline ...infistar... if anybody have a idear how i can fix this? thanks for your time, kind regards, HansPeter
  4. DayZed

    Arma3server.exe "abort" error in tbbmalloc.dll

    Hello and Thanks Z80CPU... Your Match 100% Thank you !!! i go up from 1 to 5 and you are right, its ok now... Puhhhh...(very nice point 6 looks like a harder situation so iam glad that we fix it with your point 5... its normal in life, you solve one problem an a new one comes up... but i dont like to wast your times with bambi questions so i will try at first with checking the infos and post in this nice community. if i totaly fail i make a post.... Thanks again for your fast response, Kind Regards, HansPeter
  5. Hello Exile Community after setup a new Exile Server i get allways the same error. OS: windows server 2012 R2 the problem starts after reading misssion... ______________________________________________ 9:02:43 Dedicated host created. 9:02:54 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217) 9:02:54 Game Port: 2303, Steam Query Port: 2304 9:02:54 Mission Exile.Tanoa read from bank. 9:02:54 Host identity created. 9:02:54 Roles assigned. 9:02:54 Reading mission ... _________________________________________________ a error window comes up and the error is called: Caption: arma3server.exe - Einsprungpunkt nicht gefunden (jumpinpoint not found) Erreor mess.: Der Prozedureneinsprungpunkt "abort" wurde in der DLL "D:\Arme3\tbbmalloc.dll" nicht gefunden. (the procedure jumpinpoint "abort" is not found in the DLL tbbmalloc.dll) i try a lot, change the tbbmalloc.dll, switch to malloc=system, rename diff. tbb and check the error nothing brings something. i dont found a lot in the net and sadly nothings with this "abort" error. if i press several times OK (after reading mission) at the appeard windows (the error comes up again and direct) you can see in the console, that the server kick from 1-99 and stop after this. than you can press ok 100 times, nothing more is going on. thanks for your help... HansPeter
  6. DayZed

    Looking for Owners/Staff

    Hello Ryan, we are a smale community, at mom less than 10 users and we had a exile server up to the 10.0.0 ver. we are loking for a helping hand to establish a new server in ver. 10.0.2... and further in future. i got a running W2k8R2 Server with firedeamon and infistar. the 10.0.0 is allready backuped because we had no time, manpower and knowledge to setup the 10.0.2 with the old script configuration... (the scriptes ar the problem) Our main scripter stop working because he must spend more time into Job and social development... We tried together a setup of the 10.0.2 but after some days of fail i/we dont like to spend so many time that i get problems like he (job and social) two... The Server/host system is a Intel core i7 4790 with 4,0Ghz 16GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. its quite fast and got the best singlecore performance. the connection is a full Gbit network without any restictions, if its needed i can establish a redundant system for loadbal or whatever. our wish: get a good server, start up a community, establish some alternative gameplays, establish a donator system, based on a free to give policy like "you like the server than you can support us" ! all players are equal on the server and infistar is only for support! we all play but rule is without a tool! In the past, the experience whas intresting, if you got a good server the players ask to donate, so i dont have a problem to spend the server and try to make it good, if we get it, we grow naturally, not exponential. if you are intrested to help us with your experience lets mail or talk on our TS best/kind regards, duke