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    Most EXILE Servers Refuse to Load

    if i downgrade to legacy i would be able to play on the exile servers that have not updated yet?
  2. Promods

    Most EXILE Servers Refuse to Load

    Whenever I try joining an exile server it has me connect and begins loading but doesnt get past this load screen (load screen varies) Image. I've tried joining various servers and they all have the same issue. I use A3 Launcher to manage my mods and launch servers. I have verifyed several mods and my arma 3 files, but proved to solve nothing. Another bit of information that may prove useful, I see every exile server on A3 Launcher but when I type in the same filters in the Internet server browser in the Arma 3 server browser I do not see the very same servers. If other information is needed I would be happy to provide. Steam Page