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    Missing mods error messages.

    oh okay haha well you saved my files from being all cluttered. maybe thats causing some issues. thanks.
  2. TheCoolPotato

    Missing mods error messages.

    so i have recently started running a Chernarus winter exile server with the following mods. Chenarus_winter_a3_v.11 CUP Terrains-core CUP Terrains-maps CUP Terrains Complete-1.2.0 CUP Weapons Exile and Ryanzombies along with infistarexile all the mods work once you get on the ground including infistar, however when anyone joins it rapidly displays "Missing mods" messages even when the displayed mods are installed clientside. after the messages are done popping up you have to commit suicide and respawn to choose a spawn location. its throwing me for a loop. if you need any additional information feel free to ask.