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  1. daveslayerv1™

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    how would i go about adding re-enforcement's to a specific mission??? (eg: ghost hawk to bring a new group)
  2. daveslayerv1™

    [SOLVED] Range

    devs are aware of the problem, you can still operate them but you have to use "#" to fire the laser to get a updated distance reading
  3. daveslayerv1™

    remoteexec annoying filter

    hey guys this one is being a pain in my ass, keep getting a remoteexec #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries [94659600# 1759748: offroad_01_hmg_f.p3d REMOTE]" i add !="bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries" to line 4 of remoteexec.txt restart test and it happens again.. my remoteexec.txt : Help please, i'm probably gonna kick myself been a bit since i have engaged fully in a server
  4. daveslayerv1™

    ERROR: Character Request timeout.

    yeah that is indeed what we are experiencing currently, thanks buddy will get him to pay close attention
  5. daveslayerv1™

    ERROR: Character Request timeout.

    pmcc86 can you be more specific?? having this issue currently and my admin is finding it hard to find the missing ,,,, thanks in advance
  6. daveslayerv1™

    failed to purchase vehicle 13

    Its back!!!! but this time at the aircraft vendor!!!
  7. daveslayerv1™

    Backpack Inventory Glitch

    confirmed we have the same problem on 0.9.35 2x servers
  8. daveslayerv1™

    GTXGAMING server simply not starting

    gaming deluxe forgot to add the new database files into the update for coconut and i would about 90% gaurantee GTX didn't either
  9. daveslayerv1™

    How to update from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3?

    tons of BE kicks now i have un-edited #include initserver.sqf another broken release??? right i am being kicked for all items in initserver.sqf ETA on fix?? @Eichi
  10. daveslayerv1™

    How to update from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3?

    files are released man, diffmerge shows changes to the description.ext and config.cpp be cautious not to edit out the call for initserver.sqf if you use custom traders with stuff from the editor the rest just update the @Exile_server both Exile server and exile server config (be sure to check for any changes you have made to the config.sqf in Exile server config) *dont forget to install new keys and BE filters * Diffmerge is your friend!!!
  11. daveslayerv1™

    How to build custom trader zones

    Thank you @spear for making custom traders easy!!! and thank you @maca134 for the awesome 3d editor!!
  12. daveslayerv1™

    Should vehicles be lockable at all times?

    un-able to lock ANYTHING whilst in combat, But player health has to be buffed a little its much harder to kill an AI compared to a player do this and this system will work beautifully. NO keys, no no no no no!!! Just no had enough of hearing admin i lost my key WAA WAA WAA!!! No interrogation of dead body/XM8 as if you find out the pin code for a players vehicle the likelihood is that the players base doors/Vaults would be the same, causing that player than to either abandon the server or grief an admin/ server owner
  13. daveslayerv1™

    Delete Vehicle Restriction?

    confirmed i am getting this too have no clue!!!!!!!
  14. daveslayerv1™

    0.9.20 "Tomato"

    ok then lets get this straight @Pepo this block of code in description.ext (bottom) class CfgRemoteExec { class Functions { mode = 1; jip = 0; class ExileServer_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage { allowedTargets=2; }; class ExileClient_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage { allowedTargets=1; }; }; class Commands { mode=0; jip=0; }; };
  15. daveslayerv1™

    0.9.20 "Tomato"

    infiSTAR installed?? @Pepo coz i just removed the command-line and the server now loads.. but that doesn't help because i need my admin tools, @infiSTAR is 12134520150914281760_infiSTAR.de_EXILE_AH the latest version??