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  1. Ta, installed it and can confirm it works.
  2. Is this still working with 1.04?
  3. Are you using the standard config.sqf or did you make one yourself?
  4. This script works great, i only found one problem . When i buy a Slammer, it has a 200/19 7.62mm and 12/2 120mm HEAT ammo. If i leave the tank before restart with 50/16 7.62mm and 10/1 120mm HEAT ammo left. After the restart the 7.62 ammo wont fill up too the max when i do a refill, it will have 200/16 instead of 200/19 and this is the problem with all vehicles who have a HMG or a GMG. When you leave the vehicle with a empty spare slot, it wont add ammo to it after restart.
  5. You only have to enable simultion and its solved, crew is allready in.
  6. I have found the fix, you where in the right file. Make a overwrite for ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf goto line 100 and change -> _vehicleObject enableSimulationGlobal false; to _vehicleObject enableSimulationGlobal true; Allready thought something was wrong with the simulation. Don't know if this will cause any other problems, but tested it and it works fine.
  7. I placed the same problem on the link you gave me and i spoke to Hogansheroes. He's telling me it works on his server but he's using a old vg, i asked if it was the Exad vg and he's not using that one? So i dont know which vg he is using and if it still works with exad vg? Maybe someone can confirm if it's still works with Exad vg? The weirdt thing is i'm able to shoot 2 times from the stomper and then it freezes. When turning on the engine on any drone it doesnt work, same as folding the wings. But when i fold the wings you can hear it's making the sound and i'm able to store it back in the vg??
  8. And where can i place your script m8?
  9. Normaly when i click on the driver/gunner screen i go straight to the possition and now it doesnt do a thing. I have to press esc and im in and can fire 2 shots in gunner and thats it all freezes. Yes engine and folden wings both not working. It has to do something with the exile vg, i used exad before and all worked ok and same when i buy from trader all is ok. Anyway thx for the help, i will do some more testing when i have time.
  10. Ye i think the problem is the new Exile VG. Can anyone confirm the drones are working with Exad vg?
  11. Is that the Exad you are using?
  12. I tried Falcon, Stomper and K40 and none are working propper. I can connect to gunner and fire two shots and then it freezes, in driver it's not doing anything.
  13. I'm using the Exile one.
  14. The uav hack works, but still cant connect propper when pulling them from VG.
  15. I'm having trouble with storing my drones in the vg and when taking them back out i can't connect to them. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?