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  1. [DD] BuLi

    should i ask for Refund

    guys should i ask for Refund on Survival Servers cuz i have buy the server today with 50slots and it says INSTANT SETUP AFTER PAID but now are almost 10hrs gone and still nothing they dont even Answer to me on support i have open a new tweeter account and they just asked me give us ur email and support ticket number and than they dissaper again for hours really this is pissing me off worst support on my life SurvivalServers.com
  2. [DD] BuLi

    mARMA - Server Monitoring, Live Map, RE...

    can u help me on this step pls : - edited marma-config.ini , put in the key where to put exactly the key on this cuz there its nothing writed with KEY >.<
  3. [DD] BuLi


    are there any clothes to be safe from Radiation and Anomalis
  4. [DD] BuLi

    Invisible Object on the road

    Happy New Year can u help me pls how did u solved it ?
  5. [DD] BuLi

    Safezone Expolding

    hi guys can someone pls tell me if there is a script cuz i installed my server new yesterday but on safezone if people ram locked (empty) cars they explode inside safezone at trader can someone pls tell me how to fix that soo they wont explode if someone rams them inside safezone
  6. [DD] BuLi

    Igiload & safezone

    can someone tell me pls how to disable igiload to load cars inside safezone and to load locked cars anyone got any script about that ?
  7. nope really can u send me a link soo i can see how it looks or something like that
  8. my friend revive for me works perfect i just added it today on my new server, if there is a way to help u let me know
  9. [DD] BuLi

    Spawn in your base

    can anyone send me the code and where should i put it pls soo players can spawn at their base ?
  10. [DD] BuLi

    should i ask for Refund

    thats treu i think but now i am gona wait for this Refund and i will deicde where to go
  11. [DD] BuLi

    should i ask for Refund

    well the funny thing its after i have ask for refund after 10hr they have set my server and now they told me u cant add mods by ur self u need to pay for them soo i am going to ask for my refund this company has the worst Support on the world u have to wait days for a damn answer and even if u get an asnwer than they dont explain or fix anything >.> soo people be careful where u buy ur server.....
  12. [DD] BuLi

    vote kick from server

    can someone help me pls how to stop the vote kick of a player cuz if there are 3 players someone can vote and kick the other player and i want to disable it ?
  13. [DD] BuLi

    vote kick from server

    // MISSIONS CYCLE class Missions { class ARMA3 { template = Exile.Tanoa; difficulty = "Regular"; }; }; allowedVoteCmds[] = {}; i added this here i hope it works
  14. [DD] BuLi

    [FIX] Death Loop Bug

    i know that its like combat-logging out but if someone fails connection on my server he will spawn than dead when he comes to game
  15. [DD] BuLi

    [FIX] Death Loop Bug

    anyone know how to fix if u press ALT+F4 or if u fail connection to the server than when u log it u will spawn dead u will get Damage 1 soo always i need to go to database and change it again to 0 is there a way to fix this ?
  16. [DD] BuLi

    Enhanced Movement Mod in Exile (Working!)

    thnx for the help well i found that out days ago but it was too buggy and glitched almost on any car soo i removed it untill some fixes come out
  17. [DD] BuLi

    day and night

    can someone give me a script for day 2hrs day and 1hr night i have server restart every 6hrs
  18. [DD] BuLi

    Death Loop is annoying! :P

    could u tell me where u puted that pls step by step cuz got stuck here for days
  19. [DD] BuLi

    Enhanced Movement Mod in Exile (Working!)

    can u help me pls how can i remap the key pls
  20. [DD] BuLi

    Include your custom objects and buildings in a server addon

    thnx fixed now its working fine but i have just 1 small question is there a way to Import the existing initServer inside editor ?
  21. [DD] BuLi

    Include your custom objects and buildings in a server addon

    could someone pls help me why its not showing on my Editor the EXILE Go to the "Exile" drop down menu and select "Save initServer.sqf": and yesi am using exile when i go to editor and all the mods i have on my server can someone pls tell me ?
  22. [DD] BuLi

    On Respawn / Join instant death

    really hahaha ok now i am using phpmyadmin too can u tell me now pls step by step
  23. [DD] BuLi

    On Respawn / Join instant death

    ok using mysql WorkBench now can u tell me step by step pls
  24. [DD] BuLi

    On Respawn / Join instant death

    can u explain pls how or where should i put this cuz i have open mysql with navicat but now what or should i go to filezilla can u explain it pls ?