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    Exile Server with a few minor problems

    ok man i will try its late here now so i'll give it a shot tomorrow , again big thanks for your help
  2. DasPwnzR

    Exile Server with a few minor problems

    before added anything to the exile server when it was vannila if you like we always used Parachute in and now my friends who play here report that sometimes they parachute but then other times they are just laying on the floor with parachute equipped it's strange and annoying if your wanting to get closer to friends ect with the chute.
  3. DasPwnzR

    Exile Server with a few minor problems

    sorry forgive me hopefully this is the right one http://pastebin.com/WjMzsZdX
  4. DasPwnzR

    Exile Server with a few minor problems

    sorry to sound foolish but where do i find the RPT ?
  5. DasPwnzR

    Exile Server with a few minor problems

    BIG THANKS thats is a real big help for the DMS difficulty and i really do appreciate your help, do you not know anything about the spawn problem im having ?
  6. hello there guys in the last couple of days i have managed to setup an Exile server and ran into a few problems that was easy enough to sort out just from looking around here ,Now i have a few more problems that i cannot seem to fix Firstly a list of what i have installed on the server : 1: DMS from Defent's github 2: StatusBar from CR34mPIE 's github 3: InfiSTAR from InfiSTAR The Problems im Having are as follows : Spawns : People that join the server are sometimes spawning on the ground when by default before adding addons ect to the server you always parachuted in which is what i want. DMS A.I. : The AI seem way too hard in difficulty, no matter what Difficulty its reports it to be in-game. Even if i change in TADST the difficulty it does not seem to change anything. InfiSTAR : has a problem giving pop tabs to people or even myself as admin too and also reports this error when i press F1 "No entry 'mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\description.ext/infiSTAR_AdminMenu/infiSTAR_MAP.LineMarkr'. i would be very greatful if anyone has any simple solutions or just advice in general to fix/manage these problems im having on our server thanks