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  1. Psymon

    Trader Weapon Attachment Dupe Workaround

    My Exile_Server doesn't have a Exile_server/code folder. Nevermind. Found it. ExileServer/Addons/exile_server.bpo > Unpack >Code
  2. Psymon

    Selling From Create's

    Whats R3F?
  3. Psymon

    Selling From Create's

    What's a working method for being able to load creates into vehicles and sell from them? Can you steer me in the right direction?
  4. Psymon

    Status bar - For those that need it quick!

    Very easy, Clean. Thanks. I needed a status bar.
  5. Psymon

    Custom AI Missions Showcase - JustRight Server

    All that work on those missions and the server shut down?
  6. Psymon

    Downloadable Content error

    Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. a3_characters_f Any idea where I should start looking?
  7. That's a configuration issue. I forget where, but I've seen it problem before.
  8. How do I install this on my server?

    Seen a lot about how to install it as a player client side, but not much on server admin installs.

  9. Psymon

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    This would work for Chernarus_Summer too would it not? Nothing changes in the map but the foliage color.
  10. Psymon


    YES. Filters are a royal pain
  11. Psymon

    Make high loot chernarus

    The Loot Table Complier is a good tool to add items to your loot table. But if you just want to increase the amount of exsisting loot what Beawulfv said.
  12. Psymon

    Extended base mod

    apparently your mileage may very. A friend of mine didn't have positive results switching. He says its about the same. I however was crashed EVERY single time i booted up. Installed the "profiling" build, and have had 2 crashes since.
  13. Psymon

    Adding CUP to loot table

    Thanks for posting a loot table. Loot Tables seem to be a coveted work.
  14. Psymon

    Weapons crashing clients

    I've experienced the same thing recently. I was checking out ZCP capture point locations to make sure they weren't spawning in terrible locations (which they were because isla abramia is all mountains. Soon as an AI fired at me, I crashed. It happened several times. A fix for this would be HUGE.
  15. Psymon

    Edit Exile Australia map in arma 3

    This is totally misleading. NOT everything can be done in the 3d Editor. Without those addons, MOST of the work is done in TEXT editor. Those addons take away the need to use the Arma's Standard Eden Editor and place "place holders" then go in and change the text code with exile's format, adding lines removing lines ect. I really don't understand what the POINT of your trolling here was. I pointed out some very helpful addons. Your point is that you don't "NEED" them? Well to that end, you don't NEED the 3D Editor. You can do it all by code. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD. The two addons I mentioned take a LOT of the Mystery out of safe zones. No longer do you need to place an ellipse, then edit in the text editor. The plug in gives you the Exile code to add the safe zone. The spawn zones as well.. with the editor in the stock form there's very little explanation as to how a marker becomes a spawn icon, and so on and so forth. Further, it adds features that the 3d Editor doesn't have. You cannot export init files without an addon. Please try to remain helpful to people when they ask questions. Arma3 and Exile's community has a reputation that in the past year has been under assault, by people who try to build up their post count without contributing anything. If you weren't able to be helpful to the OP why bother?