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  1. dayzgreywolf

    Xeno Taru Pod

    Never did get it to work, and never found any other posts about it. That's when I started playing Arma 3 just to fly the pods around... lol
  2. dayzgreywolf

    Xeno Taru Pod

    Over a year ago now, the last post here, but I'm wondering if anyone got this working? I have exactly this issue, it shows up, but nothing happens.
  3. dayzgreywolf

    Ubuntu 16.10 + extDB problems

    Have you disabled mysql's strict mode? Also, do you get to the joining screen at all, like I did (hanging on bambi part)? Have you tripple checked you did the MySql portion correctly? And are you pointing the server to the right location for mysql (localhost IP)?
  4. dayzgreywolf

    SNOW TIME - v 0.9.8 -[updated 31-08-2017]

    Hey W4lly, I finally got this working, great work thanks for sharing!! One suggestion: please add something like this into the README for other n00bs like me: Thanks to Razor77 and W4lly for helping me to realize this!
  5. dayzgreywolf

    Base items dissappear

    Perfect, thank you!!
  6. dayzgreywolf

    Base items dissappear

    It appears when I build a base, each time I reboot parts of the base vanish until it's all gone. No errors in game, but something is deleting these items from MySQL. I recall in Arma 2 DayZ mod there was a day counter, after X days items were deleted. Is this the same in Exile? Any idea where I should start looking?
  7. dayzgreywolf

    #reboot instead of #shutdown?

    No problem, thanks for quick reply. There are lots of reboot "how to's" so I will refer to those. Just wanted to check though, because obviously a #reboot function in your script would have been the easiest! Vielen Dank, und schoen wieder von dir betreut zu werden! Hatte sehr viel spass mit infiSTAR und Arma 2 DayZ
  8. dayzgreywolf

    #reboot instead of #shutdown?

    Hey Mr. Infistar, I've disabled the infiSTAR reboot because it simply shuts my server down and doesn't restart. I notice in the logs, and the config file, the command shutdown is used. Is there a reboot command we could use instead? Thanks!
  9. dayzgreywolf

    SNOW TIME - v 0.9.8 -[updated 31-08-2017]

    Thanks for the quick replies Razor77 & W4lly!! I had actually checked that file but couldn't find the issue until I read through Renegade2k6's post (thanks btw), there I noted in my exile_server_config.cpp file I had the following: //keyframes[] = {"Sunny", "Cloudy", "Thunderstorm"}; keyframes[] = {"Sunny"}; Well no wonder it was always sunny! I would have thought all weather options were in the main config file, guess not! Time to add weather and snow now! Thanks for the help guys!!
  10. dayzgreywolf

    SNOW TIME - v 0.9.8 -[updated 31-08-2017]

    My cherno winter seems to always have good weather (both before and after this mod, although now there is a cold wind and scary sounds). Do I need to enable dynamic weather somewhere?
  11. dayzgreywolf

    [RGSB] - Exile Statusbar - Moved to Exile Expansion Mod

    Wow, thanks!! This is awesome! Did you update the main files with the fix for the icon going black? I didn't see any confirmation the tweak fixed it.
  12. dayzgreywolf

    Goodbye, Arma!

    We salute you for your fine work! o7
  13. dayzgreywolf

    ExileZ 2

    That did the trick. Thx guys!!
  14. dayzgreywolf

    ExileZ 2

    Thx BaroN. I double checked, my mission file reads so: version=12; class Mission { addOns[]= { "exile_client", "a3_map_altis" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "exile_client", "Ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "Ryanzombiesanims", "Ryanzombiesfaces", "a3_map_altis" }; If the startup command were a programming language, you would be 100% correct, but my understanding is you only need the ; if you are adding another var/startup parameter. So you only need that \; between the two mods.
  15. dayzgreywolf

    ExileZ 2

    Hey ZZK, you again! Thx for all your help so far! First off, I literally just discovered a mistake on my end, server start command: //This one resulted in bad vehicle errors in logs //./arma3server -config=config.cfg -mod=@exile;@ryanzombies -servermod=@exileserver //This one works ./arma3server -config=config.cfg -mod=@exile\;@ryanzombies -servermod=@exileserver Now, i do get zombies and have had a blast shooting them already, so that all works. I think I still have a small error somewhere though as the logs show a lot of this: 15:04:20 "ExileZ 2.0: Zombie Group Highest Compound Weight : 117" 15:04:20 "ExileZ 2.0: Randomly Selected Value : 101" 15:04:20 "ExileZ 2.0: Selected Zombie Group : [[""RyanZombieC_man_1medium""],[""RyanZombieC_man_polo_1_Fmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_man_polo_2_Fmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_man_polo_4_Fmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_man_polo_5_Fmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_man_polo_6_Fmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_man_p_fugitive_Fmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_man_w_worker_Fmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_scientist_Fmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_man_hunter_1_Fmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_man_pilot_Fmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_journalist_Fmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_Orestesmedium""],[""RyanZombieC_Nikosmedium""],[""RyanZombie15medium""],[""RyanZombie16medium""],[""RyanZombie17medium""],[""RyanZombie18medium""],[""RyanZombie19medium""],[""RyanZombie20medium""],[""RyanZombie21medium""],[""RyanZombie22medium""],[""RyanZombie23medium""],[""RyanZombie24medium""],[""RyanZombie25medium""],[""RyanZombie26medium""],[""RyanZombie27medium""],[""RyanZombie28medium""],[""RyanZombie29medium""],[""RyanZombie30medium""],[""RyanZombie31medium""],[""RyanZombie32medium""]] Compound Weight : 105" 15:04:20 "ExileZ 2.0: Selected Zombie Class : RyanZombie19medium" 15:04:20 "ExileZ 2.0: Spawning 1 Zombie | Position : [20872,6696.09,0] | Class : RyanZombie19medium " 15:04:20 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. ryanzombies I am going to double check the folder is all lower case next. Edit: lower case had no effect on that latest error. Is it even an error I need to worry about?