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  1. is there a possibility to change the parameters for the height, so it counts not from the bottom of the pole which is maybe under the surface (for example 2m) and you cant reach the 1.5m mark? for example to count the position from surface? fpr example the pole is 2m under ground but you can always reach the 1.5m above surface? so the value becomes "dynamic"?
  2. Hey, is there a way to change the code to repair all Windows at once, because at some vehicles there are more than 10 Windows. And another Thing i cant get to work is to Add a third item which is not consumed everytime its used... thanks for your help
  3. James Ryan

    Specific Vehicle Spawn Amount

    is there a way to run a specific script to do that?
  4. hi, i need help with vehicle spawning, i added some more vehicles to spawn at server start in config.cpp like this: ground[] = { "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Black", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Blue", ........ "B_MRAP_01_F", //Hunter "O_MRAP_02_F", //Iftrit "I_MRAP_03_F" //Srider is there a way to spawn a specific number of ifrit, strider or hunter.... like every server start a max amount of 2 striders, 2 hunters, 2 ifrits and 10 quad bikes, 3 hummingbirds for example...?
  5. James Ryan

    Exile on Chernarus or Esseker

    and how did you get your loot-tables to work?
  6. James Ryan

    Exile on Chernarus or Esseker

    do i have to do something else with cup terrain core & maps? or only startparameters ( -mod=....@cup_terrain.core;@cup_terrain_maps;@MAP(chernarus or essker)....) and the 3 keys in keys folder?
  7. James Ryan

    Exile on Chernarus or Esseker

    thanks for your help, im gonna try this soon and let you know now i know the mistake i made...i was thinking i dont need a chernarus mod, because its included in cup ^^
  8. hi, i tried to get chernarus or esseker working, but i cant figure out what my problem is... i use CUP_Terrains_Core and CUP_Terrains_Maps i also searched for a exile.chernarus.pbo for cup, but everything i find is for allinarmaterrainpack i can start the server and everything seems ok, but i cant connect to it... maybe someone here has a tutorial or solution for me? im bored of altis and tanoa btw so would be nice to get some help
  9. James Ryan

    Change Billboard Image

    yes i know, i already did that, but i want to know how to keep the billboards from exile, but change there images which are shown on them. i need to know in which file the path is set for the image to be choosen, i found the image already but i cant replace it with the same name because the path of the image is located to @exile and not the mpmissions pbo. so the client has no chance to see it this way. if there is absolutely now way to change the path because the exilemodteam wants the exile billboard to be shown ingame for advertisement its ok
  10. James Ryan

    Change Billboard Image

    Hello, i was searching for a tutorial where i can replace the images of the Billboards with the Exile Logo on it with one of mine... but i only find some where you create a new one with a new image on it. i dont want to create a new one, i only want to edit the path of the image, so that there is not the ''exile'' anymore... can someone help me with that? i just want to know in which file the path is set for the billboard image thanks