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  1. Gunner53

    Rocket Launchers

  2. Gunner53

    MySQL Player database

    Oh yea I have windows, but not sure about the mysql thing, sorry I thought it was in reference to the file mysql, so that is a program?
  3. Gunner53

    MySQL Player database

    That is the thing actually. I have been searching for the player table but have no idea where it is. I checked the mysql folder in the server root directory as well as the mission files and the exileserver files, but nada, where do you get to the table if you dont mind?
  4. Gunner53

    New players on second log in are stuck under the ground

    Hey man, I know you are pretty good at all this stuff, I am new to this for the most part and have been looking around for a while. How do I find these player tables? I have a player on my server stuck in the ground so I know this is the issue, but I have went through the mysql file on my server (3rd party host GTX) and looked in the mission files but I can't find them anywhere. I am sure it is something dumb but would you mind directing me?
  5. Gunner53

    MySQL Player database

    Where did you find it? Been having the same issue looking around myself for the last couple days.
  6. Gunner53

    Infistar still closing display menus

    Sorry it is the game menu in the escape menu. I am sure it is disabled for a good reason, maybe someone knows of a way to globally turn off headbob instead? I am up for any suggestions
  7. So I wanted to remove headbob from players because I think the general thought is that it makes people sick. I removed the closebadidd 151 that was showing up when people opened the display menu and now it gets closed anyways but no more input as to why, and I have no idea why. Anyone have some input on this? At a stand still now, can't even find a lead of where to look.
  8. Gunner53

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Another question! It would be cool to give these dude infinite, or at least increased ammo cap, especially with them fighting zombies as well so they don't just run out of ammo and walk around like idiots. I have been looking in the config but havent seen anything. I am sure there is a way to at least increase the magazine count, but so far no luck. Anyone got some intel on that type of thing> I will keep searching the files and post when I find something in case someone else wants to do the same.
  9. Gunner53

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Thanks bud, hopefully I can take some heat off you guys in this topic now and help a bit
  10. Gunner53

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Yessir, actually after 4 days I figured it out just now. It had been mentioned in this thread to add the init information to the mission folder serverinit, I moved it to the playerinit (infistar) and that fixed it. Not sure if it needs to be in both inits but at the moment it is. If anyone else is having the issue of not showing indicators/announcements just quote me and I will do what I can to help, pretty much know it inside out at this point. Thank you for trying though hogan!
  11. Gunner53

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Hey man any advice with this? I know you reinstalled and it worked but man I have installed 3 times now and nada. Wondering if you discovered anything new that may have fixed it. Same exact problem. I went over your files and they are set just like mine with exception to a few settings but nothing to cause this problem. Display set to yes, description set in correct spot....not sure what I am missing here.
  12. Gunner53

    +1 Advanced Sling Loading

    Sorry about the last post, but I do have a fix for this issue if anyone is still having trouble. Basically after enabling the command menu in your description.ext go into infistar (if using) and there is a option for disabling command menus. Enable that and it will work. I am not sure what all that enables but maybe someone else can add to this ? It does work though if interested.
  13. Gunner53

    +1 Advanced Sling Loading

    What else does it show? Having the same issue and hesitant to enable it
  14. Gunner53

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Hey guys, went through this forum and saw a few places people had mentioned my issue, but unfortunately a clean reinstall didn't do it, so I was hoping to find out if anyone experienced this issue. Everything works great, I have read through the configs and I'm sure it is installed appropriately, but the only thing is there are no radio indications of mission starts or finishes. The missions work as advertised, so I am assuming maybe it has something to do with infistar? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks vamp, super cool addon