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  1. Noonan


    SURVIVE EXILE SURVIVE EXILE is a pvp server community on winter chernarus with very experienced admins on 24/7. PVP SERVER TS We have all CUP mods and extended base mod stay safe... SE
  2. Noonan


    Exiled2Paradise Exiled2Paradise is a PVE server group with a great community of players. E2P on TANOA | PVE | MISSION | ROAMING AI & RHS TANOA PVE And we are opening new server on new maps very soon
  3. Noonan


    We are looking for a coder who is over 18 with exp and always on call if possible not at 3am.. We will talk $$ in privet, hope you can help here is our TS ask for NIKE OR SIMON Thanks Simon.
  4. Noonan

    Exile continues!

    best news ever thank so much bro long live EXILE
  5. Noonan


    Ok its sorted now
  6. Noonan


    Thank you
  7. Noonan


    Hi i am looking for a scripter on my server who is familiar with PVE game play i will pay too must have a few years exp. My server is E2P exile mod if you need to contact me do not hesitate Thank you SimonIrish TS