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  1. Has anyone had a issue with the second scroll option for tow ropes on the bigger heli? As in in so your able to drop all 3 tow ropes? Like the option appears but I'm having to guess what option I'm picking as there is no writing in the second pop up menu? I'd say its the missing ExileAbstractAction class Identify: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Identify Body"; condition = "!(alive ExileClientInteractionObject)"; action = "_this call ExileClient_object_player_identifyBody"; }; I'm unsure how to call this action and condition? Example: ^^^
  2. Melvis

    Respawn Timer For Revive

    Something is overriding this function ? changed it to 400 on bleedout and yet it changed to 30seconds hahaha
  3. Melvis

    Respawn Timer For Revive

    Thanks alot mate ! have a good day !
  4. Melvis

    VG Duping Vehicles After Restart

    Cheers mate
  5. Melvis

    Respawn Timer For Revive

    Hey, how do it extend the timer before you have to respawn? like its only giving me 25seconds before i have to respawn witch make revives impossible ?? Please help
  6. Melvis

    Editing Tanoa Map Help

    Object or markers?
  7. Has anyone got a fix for vg duping vehicles after restart? Is spawning them where they were last stored and still saying they are in the vg after server restarts ? ill upload screen shots.. Please help or I may have to remove. If anyone knows a replacement for the VG Xm8 app please let me know thank you for reading !