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  1. ok, so i kinda narrowed it down....the prob is with DMS, the loot i pick up from DMS missions is gone after restart also the vehicles from DMS missions don´t have a selling price or im just getting what its worth from the inventory (might be only for Apex vehicles). i was scrolling down the scripts back and forth but i can´t find anything....plz, i need some help or suggestions. thx guys
  2. Hi Guys, got some trouble here.....for some reason nothing of my stuff i put into a supply box or into a safe, stays in it. everything is gone after server restart. Also, persistent vehicles are not staying in place after restart, or to be precise.....not after the first restart. Does somebody have an idea where to look for it? I´m new to exile server setup and i´m sitting here for hours now trying to figure out where the problem is....it seems to be a DB issue but i have no clue how sql works. if someone would have the spare time to show me 2-3 things involved and might be able to talk to me via TS....would be highly aprreciated......english or german no prob thx guys
  3. TyphoonAZ

    [SOLVED] cant get infistar to work

    @infiSTAR adding servercommandpassword to the server.cfg was the deal.....thx a lot brother !!! also thx to everyone who tried to help....appreciate that
  4. Hi Guys, i´ll tried everthing but its still showing me that the servercommandpassword is not set in the rpt but it is....cant get it to work !!! any idea ?