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  1. HI Everybody. First of all i want to thank everybody for the help setting up my server. I really enjoy working and playing on it. Since yesterday i started trying some map editing. I use to do this for unreal tournament 4 it standard came with UT4 editor and with the e3den editor its kinda the same . I was wondering ..what are the limits for editing my servermap ? I play on Altis but im wondering how mutch can i add before it starts to make problems like serverlagg and things like that. My idea is to add some more military bases all over the map...it is a shooting game right... Second question...do i need to add triggers or spawnpoints for the weapons to spawn in the bunkers and towers or are they initially installed when adding a building ? last question...what mods do i need to load ? For now i have... Exile mod e3den Cheers and thanks everybody.
  2. GOT IT !! its working now opening doors. i forgot this.. open file scripts\fn_ImportFromM3E_Static.sqf change _obj enableSimulationGlobal false; to _obj enableSimulationGlobal true; ----------------------------------- it seems the pbo prefixes where olso not there. i tike it from the one u send me. changed the slums...gonna check if that works. yep all works thanks for the help
  3. i downoaded that version...repacked pbo. Mission is working but door from buildings do not open. it says "true" behind the buildings in cordinates in objects/static/saltflatsbase.sqf ["Land_MilOffices_V1_F",[23328,18631.5,2.38419e-007],1.81821,[[0.0317284,0.999497,0],[0,0,1]],true], ["Land_MilOffices_V1_F",[23384.1,18629.7,2.38419e-007],1.81821,[[0.0317284,0.999497,0],[0,0,1]],true], ["Land_MilOffices_V1_F",[23382.5,18578.9,2.38419e-007],1.81821,[[0.0317284,0.999497,0],[0,0,1]],true], ["Land_i_Barracks_V2_F",[23321.7,18723,0],0,[[0,1,0],[0,0,1]],true], ["Land_i_Barracks_V2_F",[23407.8,18723.1,0],0,[[0,1,0],[0,0,1]],true], ["Land_i_Barracks_V2_F",[23364.3,18683,0],0,[[0,1,0],[0,0,1]],true], ["Land_i_Barracks_V2_F",[23408.7,18682.4,0],0,[[0,1,0],[0,0,1]],true], ["Land_i_Barracks_V2_F",[23364.8,18723.1,0],0,[[0,1,0],[0,0,1]],true], olso when i try to adapt the objects...like in slums i toke away some sandbaggs then the mission doenst work anymore. its like it calls for the objects somewhere else to and if its not the same it gets canceld. maybe even dms doesnt work anymore after i change the sandbag.. didnt check. anyone got ideas ?? cheers and thanks for all the help.
  4. yep it works. Thanks allot
  5. i think it would be nice if there was a descent install note inthere. What to put where and what lines to copy in what. That says how to install this. Not every server admin is a exile guru. Stil thanks for making it. Just need to figure out how to make it work
  6. iv installed this one . https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile In the slums missions lots of times there is a crate that spawns inside a metal bunker wich can not be enterd...so kinda lame heaving this problem. Stil didnt figure out how to solve this.
  7. i did what you said...repacked to pbo with pbo manager wich works very good. I set it on the server...i start the server and when i go on server DMS does not start. server log... 13:23:09 [ZCP]: You don't have DMS, please edit the config. /* DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_Static Created by eraser1 Check out M3 Editor: http://maca134.co.uk/portfolio/m3editor-arma-3-map-editor/ Usage: [ _file // String: The filename (or filepath under the objects folder) that contains the exported M3E objects ] call DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_Static; _file call DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_Static; // This also works This function will simply create the objects from a file that was exported from M3Editor, and return a list of those objects. */ if !(params [ ["_file","",[""]] ]) exitWith { diag_log format ["DMS ERROR :: Calling DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_Static with invalid parameters: %1",_this]; [] }; // The next few lines checks to see if the static base has been spawned previously, in order to avoid spawning duplicate objects. private _varname = format ["DMS_StaticBaseSpawned_%1",_file]; if (missionNamespace getVariable [_varname,false]) exitWith { diag_log format ["DMS ERROR :: Attempting to spawn static base with file ""%1"" after it has already been spawned!",_file]; }; missionNamespace setVariable [_varname,true]; private _export = call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers (format ["\x\addons\DMS\objects\static\%1.sqf",_file]); if ((isNil "_export") || {!(_export isEqualType [])}) exitWith { diag_log format ["DMS ERROR :: Calling DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_Static with invalid file/filepath: %1 | _export: %2",_file,_export]; [] }; private _objs = _export apply { private _obj = createVehicle [_x select 0, [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _obj enableSimulationGlobal true; private _pos = _x select 1; if (_x select 4) then { _obj setDir (_x select 2); _obj setPosATL _pos; } else { _obj setPosATL _pos; _obj setVectorDirAndUp (_x select 3); }; _obj; }; _objs
  8. lateley the server gives allot of database problems and i need the server provider to restart the SQL database because its stuck.. to mutch connections. Anyone knows what a can do about this ? It started yesterday after i changed the DB new player to give 20.000 poptabs on new entry. Iv deleted all my entry s caracter to let the DB make me a new player and the start poptabs are working I olso deleted my history in the DB. then iv got this once. the provider restarted the SQL db and all was good. Then i installed A3XAI and it seems that this is to hard for the server to manage because everytime i make a few changes the server SQL db gets stuck. I always shut down the server...upload the files and restart the server. then when i start i get this message.... sometimes everything works somethimes it gets stuck. 0:24:34 Wrong init state 0:24:34 [XEH]: One or more children of class Air do not support Extended Event Handlers. Fall back to loop. 0:24:34 [18125,44.67,0,"XEH: PreInit finished."] 0:24:34 "SC/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] CBA_fnc_preInit (237.999 ms)" 0:24:35 "SC/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] ExileClient_fnc_preInit (234.001 ms)" 0:24:35 "ExileServer - Server is loading..." 0:24:35 Client: Nonnetwork object 4d364d00. 0:24:35 "ExileServer - Installed extDB2 version: 70" 0:24:35 "ExileServer - MySQL connection error!" 0:24:35 "ExileServer - Please have a look at @ExileServer/extDB/logs/ to find out what went wrong." 0:24:35 "ExileServer - MySQL Error: Could not add database: [0,""Database Exception Error""]" 0:24:35 "ExileServer - Server will shutdown now :(" the DB log gives me this message.. mysqli_real_connect(): (HY000/1040): Too many connections Anyone knows what causes this ??
  9. It was in the root server folder but it had to be in @server addon folder. Thanks to you i found it. Cheers
  10. i tested it on my server and it works....but... A3launcher says...unknown mod and doesnt show the server in the list anymore.
  11. i have DMS running on my server but with the static missions when i killed everyone i cant acces allot of buildings. The doors dont open. when u get in front of door u get the figure that says to open the door but when u klik enter button nothing happens. This is with bunkers and olso the red beams that go up and down to stop vehicles. Anyone knows why they dont open or how to set it that builkdings are accesable ? Cheers and thanks for the reply s
  12. just wanted to ask if A3XAI is stil working or is there a replacement if its bugged with new exile version ? i have a server running wich i cohost and was wondering if A3XAI is stil working on the latest version of exile since A3XAI is pritty old. but i like it. i already have DMS running and occupation. Cheers and thanks for the reply s.
  13. After 4 hours trying getting it finnaly working im getting kicked because off battle eye. Does anyone know how to add an ecception for this or does anyone have a other status bar ?? Or does anyone know how to solve this problem ?? Thanks in advance this is the server logg... 19:41:12 "ExileServer - Player basics (UID 76561198131409539) connected!" 19:41:14 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:41:16 "ExileServer - Starting session for 'basics' with ID 'lhnpgzdh'..." 19:41:16 "ExileServer - Dispatching hasPlayerRequest for session 'lhnpgzdh'..." 19:41:18 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:41:23 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:41:27 SelectionID "31" is wrong for shape "a3\characters_f_exp\syndikat\i_c_soldier_para_1_f.p3d" 19:41:27 SelectionID "32" is wrong for shape "a3\characters_f_exp\syndikat\i_c_soldier_para_1_f.p3d" 19:41:28 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:41:33 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:41:38 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:41:43 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:41:48 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:41:53 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:41:57 "ExileServer - Spawning ExileServer_system_event_supplyBox_start..." 19:41:58 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:42:03 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:42:08 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:42:13 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:42:18 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:42:23 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:42:28 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:42:33 BEServer: cannot find channel #562881084, users.card=1 19:42:38 BEServer::finishDestroyPlayer(562881084): users.get failed 19:42:38 Client: Remote object 5:0 not found 19:42:38 SelectionID "31" is wrong for shape "a3\characters_f_exp\syndikat\i_c_soldier_para_1_f.p3d" 19:42:38 SelectionID "32" is wrong for shape "a3\characters_f_exp\syndikat\i_c_soldier_para_1_f.p3d" 19:42:38 "SC/BIS_fnc_log: HandleDisconnect : 83712040# 1817730: i_c_soldier_para_1_f.p3d" 19:43:01 BEServer: registering a new player #908288317
  14. where can i find the installation notes ?? there s a readme in there but none of it says how to install it.