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  1. Awesome. Kind of haha. I know at least its not there now. I know what i changed up top. Thanks.
  2. This is line 4820-4822 minimumPlayersOnline = 1; }; };
  3. I didn't mess with anything by line 4820, I don't understand why I am getting the error now. Anyone else see something that I don't? This is line 4804- 4833 class AbandonedSafe { type = "spawn"; function = "ExileServer_system_event_abandonedSafe_start"; minTime = 60; // minutes maxTime = 120; // minutes minimumPlayersOnline = 0; markerTime = 15; // minutes }; class AmbientFlyOver { type = "call"; function = "ExileServer_system_event_ambientFlyOver_start"; minTime = 30; // minutes maxTime = 90; // minutes minimumPlayersOnline = 1; }; }; class Logging { /* If logging is enabled separate logs will be made in the sql logs folder for each type */ traderLogging = 1; deathLogging = 1; territoryLogging = 1; }; }; Thanks for taking a look.
  4. pgooch

    Mods not showing on a3 launcher

    Specifically, CUP, I have the cup complete though. Which has Maps + Core. Could that be the issue?
  5. It seems my mods load up fine when viewing the log, but A3 launcher doesn't recognize the server having them. Is this something I have to do manually? Thanks
  6. pgooch

    Installing Exile and Cherno Winter

    I'm having a hell of time trying to get all of this working. Hoping I can recieve some help off of here. First off, When am I supposed to run a mod as server and as mod? Second I have got it up and running from viewing it in A3 launcher, but when I try to join I get it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted . chernarus winter, CUP .. I must of did something now it Don't even show the CUP mods in a3 launcher THis is from my LOg