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  1. in some languages you have to do the break; command after a switch case because otherwise it would do the next one aswell here an example of what i mean so if in this example _test would be 5 it would execute the code from case 5 and 4 . while when it would be 4 , 3 or 2 it would only execute the corresponding code because the of the break;
  2. As the title says i would like to know it it is actually possible for a switch fall through? couldnt find anything about it anywhere
  3. If you want to increase the overall amount of money you get from missions another simple way is to change the prices of items themself at traders you should find them in your Exile.Yourmission config.cpp in the class CfgExileArsenal
  4. If you are referrint to DMS missions then that is possible by changing the parameters for _crate_loot_values in the missionfile itself e.g. bandits.sqf
  5. Thanks got it working!
  6. So as the title says my problem is that i have absolutely no idea how to get a variable i set on a serverside script available clientside
  7. As i read that some ppl have managed to get taunus working for exile could anyone send me their mission file pls? I dont know what i have done wrong but whenever i connect i spawn as a seagull and cant do anything
  8. Hey guys i need some help with my exile taunus mission. As i finally managed to get the server to start with the taunus map my problem now is that whenever i connect i spawn as a seagull and cant do anything. Any help would be appreciated Here is my Mission.sqm I just added the exile ghost units and 1 spawn point so far and i have no idea if i even did it the right way(i guess not)
  9. Hast du auch -filePatching als server parameter drinnen? das war eines meiner probleme mit SLZ
  10. Hey just want to make sure that you actually got my mail i sent you like an hour after you wrote this post as i still havent got any response
  11. As i finally managed to get zeuss mode working with the SLZ mod it works fine but the problem is that i get kicked by infistar after a few minutes These are the logs i get and i have no idea how to fix/bypass it Thanks for any help