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  1. Thanks Dutch I have updated the original post with your version
  2. Lovely, Thank you for listening
  3. If you can do so much better release your own version then, If there is all these problems only you seem to be having lol
  4. @kuplion Pending approval?
  5. Hello so as i couldn't find a mission file for Takistan I decided to make one thanks to the help of @ItsDutch I have been able to make this. There is no traders and there is no Loot table so that you will have to create that unless i update it with some traders in. This is Itsdutch idea aswell <3 Any problems downloading this or this working on your server PM me Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xomfs0s1tjth093/Taki.takistan.pbo?dl=0 Thanks Jacobob
  6. Thats helped alot thank you - Problem solved
  7. PMSL all this for some rice brand LOL
  8. Has he reported me for my profile picture? cus i dont see him with another message? other than his current 2? @kuplion
  9. Im still trying to get over the comment pmsl
  10. I dont want someone to make it for me, I just need help knowing what to change in the mission.sqm and the init.sqf's
  11. Hello snowflake, First off “like you did not know” im a borderline noob to coding so i thought u meant that my question was silly so no i didnt. ”and that is considered to be quite racist by many too” since when was it racist to have a black man as a profile picture with your logic if i had a white man as my profile wouldnt that be rqcist to?
  12. U referring to my question or my selfie?
  13. Hi I dont suppose someone will be willing to assist me in creating a Mission file on the map Takistan please?
  14. Hi i never ended up getting the file has anyone else got a Takistan mission PBO?
  15. Thats fine