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  1. solved

    i have to call one of my scripts from my init in mission folder can i still do that or would i need to have it in the server side pbo fn_init
  2. Iv managed to get most of it to work on server just need more testing
  3. Hi and thank you for taking the time to read this im trying to add a character interaction but only when in side a vehicle iv tried using normal arma interaction they seem to work fine in the editor as soon as i add it to my server the interaction is gone from the scroll wheel is there some thing i need to override any help would be greatly appreciated FIXED
  4. ExAdClient\xm8\apps\DeployVehicle seems to have the bodyguard files in so deploy bike wont work can anyone help me fix it Fixed the problem i was having quad.ppa should be quadbike.ppa
  5. im having problem with getting both klpq music radio and a3fm working iv got ace3 interface working but no music from klpq music radio but it works perfect witout exile and a3fm works perfect in editor with exile but when i add to server channles wont change and no music so i think there is something in exile thats conflicting any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated
  6. did you manage to get this sorted yet and thank you for all the work you have put in keeping this updated
  7. the problem is not the config the only thing that has changed is that occupation now spawns then checks to see if its needed it used to check then spawn if there is a way to change the job order i should fix the problem
  8. hi there im having a little problem with ai vehicles no matter what i put as my max it still spawns a new one and then says i have 3 max in rtp and it keeps doing this over and over has anyone else having this problem
  9. anyone know how to make the rope shorter
  10. pur3x add this to you init.sqf in your mision file SA_TOW_IN_EXILE_SAFEZONE_ENABLED = true; should fix your problem
  11. Did you get this to work in would love to be able to go fishing