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  1. mikekozowsky

    concrete mixer not spawning!

    Thanks that works!
  2. mikekozowsky

    concrete mixer not spawning!

    Hi all, i cant seem to get the concretemixers to spawn! This is my initServer: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Concrete Mixers /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// _concreteMixers = [ [[3807.05, 68.4649, 4947.12], 120.0], // 1 [[9468.69, 31.33, 3298.92], 120.0], // 2 [[6035.22, 169.947, 9602.12 ], 120.0] // 3 ]; { _concreteMixer = "Exile_ConcreteMixer" createVehicle (_x select 0); _concreteMixer setDir (_x select 1); _concreteMixer setPosASL (_x select 0); _concreteMixer allowDamage false; _concreteMixer enableSimulationGlobal true; } forEach _concreteMixers; WHY NOT WORK>????
  3. mikekozowsky

    loot table f*cked

    Sorry forgot to close this. I got it working!
  4. mikekozowsky

    loot table f*cked

    Hi there, for some reason my loot is alll fcked. So loot is spawning, but i added mod loot but it doesn't spawn. But the normal gear does spawn. Even when i deleted all the regular gear and only the mod gear is in it still spawns normal gear but not the mod loot. Here is my exile_server_config: https://www.mediafire.com/?epy0mz9opw37c8k I can't see whats wrong. Help plzzzzzz, Sebastian
  5. mikekozowsky

    Added mod loot not spawning

    If thats the 1.0.3b one then yes.
  6. mikekozowsky

    Added mod loot not spawning

    Hi there, im a having some issues whit loot spawns, specificly mod loot. the rest spawns just fine. If added NiArms and CUP Weapons and both never spawn. Here are my files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b5yzjmlyoipvg3n/CfgExileLootServer.hpp?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hjnjmlycnonhz1/config.cpp?dl=0 If you know anyway of getting it to spawn i will be very gratefull!
  7. mikekozowsky

    [SOLVED] Server won't load infistar

    Thanks so much for the reaction! I fixed it already but indeed it was the dlls. For any future people having the same issue as me: put the 2 dll files into you're arma 3 exile server root folder.
  8. mikekozowsky

    [SOLVED] Server won't load infistar

    Hi there, im trying to install infistar on my server but i get this in my console: 21:15:37 CallExtension 'armalog' could not be found 21:15:37 "<infiSTAR.de> Can not load infiSTAR" 21:15:37 "<infiSTAR.de> f65519f97c67" 21:15:37 "<infiSTAR.de> 00356140a52390a266c3a564934ed02c" 21:15:37 "<infiSTAR.de> GRN | Malden 2035 | 25k Start | Missions | +More" 21:15:37 "<infiSTAR.de> " 21:15:37 "SC/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] a3_infiSTAR_Exile_fnc_preInit (0.999451 ms)" I know for a fact that the config file is setup right, so that can't be it.
  9. mikekozowsky

    Realtime Restarts

    should anything else be deleted out of rcon?
  10. mikekozowsky

    Single Script Reserved Slots

    i dont have a init.sqf, and initplayerlocal and initserver
  11. mikekozowsky

    loot buildings

    I already got it working, thanks anyways!
  12. mikekozowsky

    loot buildings

    Hi there, i cant get server to start whit added buildings! this is what i get: 12:03:51 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features won't be accessible! 12:03:51 Source set 12:03:52 Initializing stats manager. 12:03:52 Stats config disabled. 12:03:52 sessionID: e8d9bdec4b75413ceec8eedb7cbaa2c0b99e81a1 12:04:09 Unsupported language English in stringtable 12:04:09 Unsupported language English in stringtable 12:04:09 Unsupported language English in stringtable ErrorMessage: File exile_server_config\config.cpp, line 2047: /CfgBuildings/Land_i_Shop_02_b_blue_F/Land_Church_01_V2_F/Land_i_Shop_02_b_yellow_F/Land_FuelStation_01_workshop_F/Land_i_House_Big_02_b_yellow_F/Land_FuelStation_01_roof_malevil_F/Land_i_House_Small_01_b_pink_F/Land_i_House_Big_01_b_blue_F/Land_i_House_Big_02_b_pink_F/Land_i_House_Big_01_b_brown_F/Land_i_House_Big_01_b_pink_F/: Missing '}' Help plzzz!
  13. mikekozowsky

    vehicle as part of map

    i would greatly appreciate that
  14. mikekozowsky

    vehicle as part of map

    yes just for show
  15. mikekozowsky

    Problems Loading New Buildings

    i think u need to put em to true