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    TLZombies eXile

    New Altis server with active admins! $15k in the bank for newbs, Advanced Towing, Advanced Rappelling, Advanced Urban Rappelling, Advanced Sling Loading, ExAd, lots of other tweaks.
  2. Pb_Magnet

    PbP Tanoa Exile

    Our Arma3 Exile | Tanoa server is now open to the public. We’re running the Arma3 Exile mod with tweaks to the front and back end. The server is running on a dedicated SSD server with consistent FPS. We’ll start with a 40 player cap and if we’re lucky to push that limit we’ll expand accordingly if the community prefers. We don’t want to use a donation system. Instead, we’d like to reward regular players or groups who spend time on the server to keep the community thriving. We have active admins with experience running successful DayZ servers. If you get ArmA'd, we'll try to help you out.