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  1. tburd23

    Infistar not working

    TADST has serverCommandPassword its in the Server Side Scripting tab at the very top.
  2. tburd23

    Trouble with Infistar on home dedicated server

    Thanks @hogansheroes! We figured it out after examining some screenshots of my folders. Basically, because I downloaded all the server files from steam and I use TADST it was having a confliction with the basic.cfg. and config.cfg that where in the @ExileServer. TADST has its own basic.cfg and config.cfg in its folder so just deleted the config.cfg and basic.cfg that are in the @Exile folder. You can mark as solved! Thanks!
  3. Basically I have created a test server on my home PC and am having trouble utilizing Infistar. I have followed all the readme steps and triple checked everything as well as referenced the forums and youtube to view past installs however the newer version is different from those illustrated and didn't show me anything that helped. The server launches fine but when I log in I have no F1 access to Infistar nor does it say anything indicating that it is active on the server. I had issues in the description.ext file and I couldn't get the server launched. I'm fairly certain that its good now as the server launches just fine but still with no Infistar. I don't know where else to look for the issue. I found it easier trouble shooting when the server wouldnt load. Now I have nothing pointing me in the right direction. If someone could nudge me that way I'd greatly appreciate it!