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  1. Hey Hogan, I reinstalled my server and got my two mods you helped me with in the correct spot but they are not working. Im trying to get to where the missions come in right away but cant seem to do it, Ive been trying so hard to do it myself but cant seem to figure it out, if you dont mind helping me again please.

  2. starsandbars23


    Hey guys, Ive had these mods installed before with help, I reinstalled my server and Im trying to reinstall these mods and cant seem to get them to work. I have them both packed into PBO files in the @ExileServer/Addons but Im trying to get the missions to spawn right away with out having to wait and Im getting nothing. If anyone would be kind enough to help I would appreciate it.
  3. starsandbars23

    server mods

    Issue has been resolved, Thanks to Hogansheroes. Thanks so much man.
  4. starsandbars23

    server mods

    The only two Ive been talking about, a3_dms and a3_exile_occupation, I cant seem to actually get them to work.
  5. starsandbars23

    server mods

    I have everything from what I see setup like you said, but when my buddies and I go to load in, its not giving us like a download for the mods I have on here and when we are in messing around there are no AI at all or missions. My server also when you see it in the server list its not showing me running the 2 mods. Any ideas on that? Thank you for your help.
  6. starsandbars23

    server mods

    And yes CamP, I have a3_dms.pbo and a3_exile_occupation.pbo. I first opened up ExileServer folder to get to the Addon folder, then opened up addon folder to place the 2 pbo file along side of, exile_server.pbo and exile_server_config.pbo. So when I open up using steps: 1. Opened up @ExileServer folder 2. Then opened up Addon folder 3. Then uploaded the 2 PBO files into Addon folder 4. Finished, so that the Addon folder now has a3_dms.pbo, a3_exile_occupation.pbo, exile_server.pbo and exile_server_config.pbo. Is that right? Next question is, What should I have, if anything, in the Server Parameter Configuration? -mod= -servermod= I thank yall so much for your help, this has been driving me crazy.
  7. starsandbars23

    server mods

    Im using Tanoa
  8. starsandbars23

    server mods

    Hello, I'm working on a Arma 3 Exile server rented from GTX Gaming and Im trying to install 2 mods/addons, I can not seem to get them to work. The mods Im trying are the occupation and dms. I have them installed and can get into the server but may have them in the wrong spot, or the parameter might not be right. If someone could help me, it would be much appreciated. Thank you
  9. starsandbars23

    Add ons

    Question, Im trying to add a3_exile_occupation/pre-packaged pbo/a3_exile_occupation.pbo to my server which I rent from GTX gaming, Im running Windows 10 os and I cant seem to download the armaholic pbo manager to get my files opened up, any suggestions? Sorry if I have this post in wrong area.