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  1. Hey all here's my newest episode. If you like please show some support drop a like a sub for more Exile series!
  2. So I've recently been really ill but now I'm back and it seems the snow has melted in Chernarus! Please head over view, like and sub for more content coming very soon, and as always ENJOY !!!
  3. New episode Please support! Head over to my channel view, like and subscribe. Enjoy !
  4. Please support! Head over to my channel view, like and subscribe. Enjoy ! My latest video Winter Exiled playlist
  5. Arma 3 Exile - Winter Exiled EP7 CQB Killhouse ! As we try to do more base box missions, I end up downing a chopper and getting stuck in a Tense CQB battle in a house with a large group of players. Please show support watch, like and subscribe enjoy ! Link starts at the CQB scene
  6. Just put together a quick tutorial to show you how I fixed my memory errors whilst loading. So as I was trying to load into the server the other night I had about 20-30 memory errors in a row and I was f~@$ing screwing! So I sought out a fix ! and here it is, this worked for me! it may or may not work for you but its worth a try
  7. Episode 6 is now up! lots of action in this one including a 5 man squad wipe in vehicle vs vehicle combat! Please support head over view, like and sub
  8. Episode 5 is now up! Id like some feedback on this one. I tried to do this as more of a structure like progressive instead of just random killing ect. If you guys could let me know if you sort of prefer this or find it more entertaining, or if you hate it As always ENJOY ! Watch, like and sub
  9. Episode 4 now up ! Some heavy combat in this one including mounted combat in a jackal GMG and some CQB Please support watch, like and subscribe enjoy
  10. Head over to the EXP exile forums and check out my thread for regular updates and show theses guys some support #bestexileservers http://forum.expgamingcommunity.com/forum/93-bradplays-youtube-content/
  11. Part 3 now out, enjoy Please support ! View, Like, Subscribe
  12. Hi everyone ! Just started up my YouTube channel BradPlays and we are going to be doing a few series on exile and plan on continuing them forever! Well, until arma 4 i guess Would be a big help if everyone could go over check the first 2 episodes out watch, like and subscribe ready for episode 3 in the next couple of days, cheers