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  1. I'm not able to change the roaming ai cars. Regardless of what I do to either dms, nor occupations, the AI still drive around the apex jeeps and offroad trucks.
  2. Howdles. To go in order, the server works perfectly fine, and everything is done, except for these scripts, like mentioned. I only apply one change at a time.
  3. Holy jesus, wasn't expecting a reply tonight. I moved this topic, and added more details.
  4. I've pursued this in another thread, but figured that I would ask it in it's own thread, in case anyone else has the same issue. I'm seemingly incapable of getting any script working on my server. I've customized everything to near perfection, and at the moment, all I need to do is add some quality of life scripts. With my eyes set on advance towing (haven't attempted yet) and the crate loading script from kuplion, I've wasted about a week trying to get this stuff working. Before this point, I had tried to add a status bar to the server, but couldn't get it to work, so I moved to a different one. The problem at the time, from what I could guess, was that it simply wasn't being executed in the initplayerlocal.sqf . But since I was able to find a way around it, I didn't care. My next change, came in the form of adding a few lines to force the view distance on the server, which I added to the initplayerlocal.sqf. However, this worked. The change which came afterwards, was adding the crate loading script. I followed the instructions, and added the line explained, to the initplayerlocal.sqf, just below the server distance lines. Not only did the line for the crate loading not work, but the server view distance lines stopped working. I tried swapping places with the two, thinking that the file was simply loading whatever was placed last, and both still didn't work. It was suggested that something was keeping anything past a certain point in the file, from working. My file is as shown. https://pastebin.com/jY728HvJ I've edited pbos and stuff for some time now, so values and stuff are my game. But this time around, it was my time to actually own the server, so I bought a dedicated box. With absolutely no idea what I was doing, and with only a bit of guidance, I setup the back end stuff to run the server, and worked it from the ground up, but I still by no means understand anything past editing values. I don't understand database stuff, or how these lines interact with files (aside from the obvious, this line tells the server to run this file). So trouble shooting this stuff is an absolute nightmare. Any and all help is appreciated, though I'm getting to the point where I simply want to pay someone to finish up the server.
  5. Moving my question into another thread, for people with future problems.
  6. Hm. I'll try more detail in these posts, because I'm tired of waiting for a reply to one little piece of info. Not a complaint about anyone other than myself though. I use tadst, which apparently isn't common. But there seems to be few exile setup videos on youtube. Anyways, when I was first having this issue, I tried simply changing the difficulty within tadst to custom, and unchecking what I didn't want. Didn't work. In fact, up until this point, I've tried every combination I could. Like I mentioned above, I found the file. It wasn't in a folder though, it was just a loose file in the directory for my server. But nonetheless, I made the suggested edit, and it didn't work. I have the custom difficulty pbo in the right place. I'm stationed in korea right now, so trying to match up my times with the people on here is almost impossible. But I welcome all the help possible.
  7. I found the file, and set it to ExileCustom. The changes didn't take affect. I'm just trying to make it so that you can't see vehicles and trader ai on the map. It's quite annoying.
  8. Save meee
  9. In the custom difficulty pbo, or the server config pbo? There is no difficulty setting in the server config pbo.
  10. "Edit: I didnt change the Difficulty to "Custom". " What the hell does this mean? In tadst? Hello, reviving this thread. I as well, cannot get the changes to take affect. I have downloaded, and inserted the pbo, in addons.
  11. https://pastebin.com/jY728HvJ
  12. Any ideas where I could look to find this? This is actually a very real issue I have atm, as it's keeping my crate loading script from working.
  13. Alrighty. Much sad. So everything was working fine, until I tried increasing the view distance on my server. I added something to the initplayerlocal.sqf, just below the [] execVM "Custom\StatusBar\statusBar_init.sqf"; line, seperated by a blank space. The UI on server start was removed from the screen. I reverted all changes made, still not back. I went back to an old set of files, still not showing. Fresh install, still not showing. Is it a database thing?
  14. Oh, whoops. My question is, how do I have to format this to get my ui working again?