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  1. Hello all, On my server, when I buy or spawn a container, bunker etc., to store my inventory in, they simply do not allow me to look in the inventory. Its begins to do the open inventory animation, but then just stops and nothing opens. However, safes work, which I find quite unusual, unless it is due to them being part of the extended base mod, but I don't know I'm not very good with this stuff in all honesty. So any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  2. Changed it to ExileRegular - fixed it:)
  3. Would you have any idea why I can't join my friends family too? I click accept, but it doesn't actually put me in it, and also the invite is still there when I click family again.
  4. k4rlh1

    Admin account

  5. k4rlh1

    Admin account

    I just put their UIDs in there yeah?
  6. My friends have gone off I will when they're back
  7. Hello all All players and vehicles, on my server, have glowing circle on them. How do I remove this feature because it is kind of unfair. Thanks Karl
  8. k4rlh1

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    Thanks for the reply. Which configuration file are you referring to, the infistar one? Sorry I'm still learning as you can tell
  9. k4rlh1

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    Hello, is there a way to make it so that when I log into my server I come in as a normal player rather than an admin. Then when I want to be an admin I just log in as my admin account. If this is possible how do I do it? Thanks
  10. k4rlh1

    Looking for someone to finish setting up my server

    I haven't, does it work?