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  1. Creeper101

    Looking for Exile team

    Hi, I've been playing exile for about 300 hours now and im looking for a (mature) group to play exile with. I am looking for a group playing within the EU timezones. Myself; I'm from the Netherlands, 22 years of age, have a microfone. hit me up if you have room for another recruit in your team or if you just wanna team up and play together! Grtz
  2. Creeper101

    Looking for players to make a group

    Just added you, hit me up when your online
  3. Creeper101

    Clan Looking For More Mebs On Altis

    i'll play with ya you sexy beast
  4. Age: 22 Steam: Microphone?: Yes How do you play? [put an X in the Brackets:] Driver: [ ] Pilot: [ ] ---------------------------------------- Close Quarter Combat: [ ] Sniper: [x] Support LMG: [x] ---------------------------------------- Tell us a little about yourself? 22 y.o from Holland. Been playing Exile for roughly 300 hours.
  5. Creeper101

    Looking for group!

    Hi, I'm looking for a casual mature (18+) group to play some Exile with. bit about myself: I am from Holland, 22 years old. been playing Exile for roughly 300 hours mostly on servers with just the Exile mod itself. Let me know if anyone is looking to expand their group and have place for 1 more. Grtz, Creeper