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  1. boatdrnx

    Wanted to get back into Exile. I can't.

    Could not agree more, which is why I spent 2016 building my own. Basically built a PvE server with ton of threat from the environment and AI. This included weather systems, roaming vehicle AI, dive bombing planes and heli's, lightning strikes, radiation zones, static missions and fortresses, and a ton more. I also spent a ton of time balancing the loot tables so you had to work for your loot, and also made food and water a bit rarer and also a threat. It was the perfect Exile server, loaded with mods and scripts! The only problem, it would not support any decent population and being able to only play with close friends, it eventually ended. This is one of the issues with Arma/Exile, being a balancing act to support a population at a decent frame rate vs. adding enough mods and scripts to create the server you think is fun. In most cases, the engine just can't handle it all.
  2. boatdrnx

    A3XAI roaming vehicles not working

    This issue occurred with me when I added custom ground vehicles (Hollow's Vehicle Pack) to the default vehicle list. Every Hollow's vehicle just remained parked with AI inside. Also note that even when things do work, they will still occasionally "park" and will usually reset after a bit. In addition, setting your vehicles to 100 could also cause server issues. Most will keep it below 20.
  3. boatdrnx

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    Seriously guys?!?!?! Would it have been so hard to just say "the info you want is at the bottom of the github page from the link on page 3" all this dancing around the answer to prove a point is about as lame as it gets! That being said, thank you to XStreme for creating this and sharing it with the community.
  4. boatdrnx

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    If this is what you mean by clearly linked, I would hate to see what obscurity looks like. Most mods put their downloads on the first page not several pages in, so silly me for being confused. Plus there is no mention about base spawning in the readme or instructions whatsoever, so this is most obviously my issue. What is "base spawn", I don't currently have it. So again I ask, does this rely on another script or do I simply overrite the "xs" folder with this and then will magically have the base spawn option? Anyone else willing to give a helpful answer?
  5. boatdrnx

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    Just added this to my server last night, everything works except I do not see a "base spawn" option. Is this feature actually in this script or does it rely on another script not mentioned here that others already have implemented? There seems to be an unspoken secret surrounding the actual base spawning mechanic. I did notice the following thread, But... it doesn't include any downloadable scripts or any instructions. Could anyone help me understand what I am missing or point me in the direction of the correct base spawn script? Thanks!
  6. boatdrnx

    Sport bikes

    One other is the Hollow's Vehicle pack with a bonus of buggies!! You can download from the A3Launcher.
  7. boatdrnx

    Repeated character corruption

    I personally have had the problem but it was during the 1.68 madness when many other things were broken and my server was not stable at the time.
  8. boatdrnx

    Repeated character corruption

    Thanks again for the feedback, without question valuable suggestions. While there are a few unknown errors in my log file, I would suspect it would affect more than a single user if it was the culprit. Same goes for add-ons. I also know this person has a fairly beefy PC which should have no issue running Arma and all the mods. I even have another player with a terrible laptop whom is able to play without character corruption. This seems to be related to the database which is admittedly my weakness.
  9. boatdrnx

    Repeated character corruption

    Thank you very much, looking forward to what you come up with.
  10. boatdrnx

    Repeated character corruption

    Kinda a last resort thing hoping to not have to perform a full wipe.
  11. boatdrnx

    Repeated character corruption

    I do not recall altering respawn time but could possibly increasing it help? The strange thing is that once I delete his player from the player table, he is fine for several days, then same issue again.
  12. boatdrnx

    Repeated character corruption

    Hey all, I am hoping to find someone else whom may have experienced the issue one of my players is experiencing. He is experiencing the bug where he would log out and upon returning, he would be stuck on "spawn island" in first person view. Committing suicide just returns him to the island and the only way to fix the issue is to delete his character (player table) from the database. Unfortunately, this continues to happen every few days and only to him, no other user experiences the issue. I have been present many times when it happens and he is simply logging out and closing the Arma client as he should be doing. Anyone have any idea why this would continually occur? Thanks!
  13. boatdrnx

    Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)

    Is it possible for the trains to move without a player driving them? I would love to implement this as ambiance or possibly the ability to hop on a passing train as a passenger? Ideally the trains would start upon server start and be able to move unmanned.
  14. boatdrnx

    Custom objects not loading after 1.68

    Thanks for confirming your objects work, that at least narrows things down a bit.
  15. boatdrnx

    Custom objects not loading after 1.68

    Unfortunately re-exporting did not work. Has anyone else experienced this? Does everyone just use vanilla maps? HELP!